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Workplace Key Control Management: Why is it Important?May 11, 2021

Structures and buildings that are intended for businesses are often filled with a lot of people, particularly employees, clients, and visitors. And since these structures also house important processes and activities that are related to business operations, their overall security must be maintained all the time.

One aspect of security that business owners or property managers should often consider is key control. The number of people going in and out of specific rooms and places on these types of structures can be abundant. Without setting up any key control plan, there is a high chance that certain unauthorised people might suddenly access and enter restricted areas of these properties.

Advantages of a Workplace Key Control Management

Business owners, property managers, and other individuals who have the responsibility to keep their workplaces safe and secure should often incorporate security measures inside their respective properties. And one great way to achieve these measures is to devise a workplace key control management. 

A workplace key control management involves the process of setting up controls to ensure that access to important assets, people, spaces, and information will be managed effectively. And with this specific management, all notable resources will be safe throughout the business operations. It likewise decreases security risks and averts the loss of material assets, staff, and other vital elements in a workplace since the entire key system has been typically designed and enhanced by professional locksmiths.

Another benefit of workplace key control management is that it maintains smooth workplace operations at all times. Even if some keys are lost, the existence of an effective workplace key control management guarantees that the business operations would continue. Unsanctioned duplication of keys is also not possible once key control management has been established.

Workplace Key Control Management Proper Setup

If you are currently managing a business or workplace, then you must follow some steps to establish efficient and effective workplace key control policies.

The very first thing that you should do is to identify and find out all the problems and issues that you may have in your current key system and control. Knowing all the gaps about your current key system can help you finally solve the weaknesses that your workplace possesses. Next, you may want to coordinate with a reputable locksmith so that they can guide you in creating a master key system for your workplace. Locksmith companies already know the type of security features and controls a specific place should have. Hence, coordinating with them can give you an edge over your workplace’s security.

The next step in setting up your key control policy is to have your place rekeyed. All the locks that will be part of your master key system must be rekeyed to ensure that all areas will be secured. Once the rekeying is done, you must pinpoint the keys that will be provided to employees. Identifying their duties, relevant workstations, and others can help you track which one of them will be needing certain keys.

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