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knob December 1, 2017

Residential Security: Are your Knob Locks Enough?

Everyone wants to make sure that their home is as safe as it possibly could be, which is why professional locksmiths recommend to install more than just lock knobs on all entry doors of a home. Basically, knob locks alone are not enough to keep your home safe. Yes, adding a security alarm, cameras, and adopting a guard dog all help as deterrents to break-ins, but it is the deadbolt lock that stops burglars from forcing entry.
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new house November 17, 2017

Should You Rekey a Newly Bought House?

Purchasing your house is likely going to be the biggest investment that you make. Not only is your home a financial investment, it is also a security one. Everything that you own and hold dear likely resides in your new home, so why skimp out on protecting it in all of the ways that you can?
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shop November 10, 2017

The Importance of Rekeying Commercial Premises

When you own a piece of commercial property or at least inhabit a commercial building, you will understand just how heavily security can weigh on your mind. With a commercial property, you are likely putting a lot of valuables into one place.
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lock October 20, 2017

Lock Snapping: What Is It and How Can It Be Avoided?

Lock snapping is a method of breaking into houses that burglars use on a regular basis today since it requires little skill. This method is quick, requires only a few tools and it works exceptionally well with the basic Euro cylinder locks that are often on the modern UPVC or composite doors. If homeowners are not aware of the types of locks that they have on their doors, they are at high risk of burglars gaining entrance to their homes and of losing their precious belongings.
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mortice September 26, 2017

Mortice Locks: What Are They?

Today, there are multiple choices for door locks from which to make your selection. Mortice locks are one popular design that has withstood the test of time since this design has been used for years. What makes these different from cylindrical or other locks is the fact that they require a pocket in the door for installation.
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lock September 11, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Locks for Home Use

Protecting what you own is as important as owning it to begin with. Home security is no joke and as such people are always looking for the next big way to protect their assets. From wired security systems to enforced doors and everything in between, security should be a priority.
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lock August 24, 2017

What Makes a Master Locksmith?

Before you invest in locksmiths for your home, business, or vehicle from the yellow pages, you need to evaluate your priorities. Would you rather save money or make sure that your property is as secure as it can be? If you value the safety of your family, business belongings, and you vehicle, then you wouldn’t risk hiring an under qualified locksmith just to save a few dollars.
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bike August 8, 2017

Looking for a Motorbike Locksmith in Melbourne? Altona Locksmiths Can Help You!

Do you need a key for your motorcycle, right now! If you do, no matter where you are, Altona Locksmiths can help, day or night, on the road, anytime. We have a wide range of spare keys, codes, specialised equipment, and highly trained locksmiths that can get you back on the road again, ASAP!
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altona locksmith July 24, 2017

What is Electronic Key Management System?

Large businesses with many assets and employees depend on the use of locking systems that require physical keys, and it can be a logistical challenge to maintain all keys and their uses, especially without a master key system. With an ascending hierarchy of keys that unlock specific locks of varying levels of security, a master key system allows for efficient distribution, regulating, and accountability of keys, which results in the increase of security.
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blocker July 11, 2017

What are Blocker Plates?

If you are interested in innovative security products to make your commercial or residential property safer, then Altona Locksmiths can help. We specialise in lock and door hardware that meets the current security demands of commercial and residential properties, and, we have a range of extra security measures that can be installed that are compatible with existing doors and locks, to make any property safer.
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residential June 23, 2017

Affordable Residential Locks Installation

If you are looking for a top-rated residential locksmith to install locks in your home, at an affordable price, then look no farther than Altona Locksmiths – an affordable, top-rated lock and security business in Altona. Here at Altona Locksmiths, we specialise in all aspects of residential locks, which includes keyless remote installation, home burglar alarms, key and access control systems, as well as many more types of locking devices.
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garrage June 14, 2017

Garage Door Locks: Benefits for Security and Safety

When most property owners consider increasing and upgrading their home’s security, for the sake of safety, locks for the garage door itself is usually the last to be considered, and often gets over looked. It’s true, securing the side door in the garage is important, but the main garage door should also have a quality lock, especially if there is an electric garage door installed, as these can be hacked by high-tech thieves.
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lock May 18, 2017

The Technology Behind Transponder Keys: How Do They Really Work?

A transponder key differs from a traditional key in the fact that it transmits a special radio signal to a remote receiver. The most common use of this type of key today is in vehicles. You can unlock, lock and start the vehicle by the receiver near the steering wheel acknowledging the presence of the key. Each key is programmed to one certain vehicle for the purpose of reducing the vehicle thefts.
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lock May 8, 2017

When Do You Need a New Master Key System Design?

Often times, businesses are large enough to require a different key system than one that just permits the manager and owner to be the only ones with keys. When this is the scenario, the companies must turn to a master key design that provides a hierarchy of keys from a master key that opens all the locks to keys that only unlock certain parts of the building.
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lock April 26, 2017

Common Deadbolt Lock Problems

When asked about the most secure way to protect a home, most people would agree that the proven deadbolt lock is what works best. These are commonly used to secure the main entrance of homes and all types of commercial properties.
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keys April 10, 2017

How Safe is Your Home? Call Altona Locksmiths to Help You with New Locking Systems

There is a lot to consider when moving into a new home, but once there, safety becomes the number one concern. How safe is your home? You may think it is safe, but older locks can be breached easier than people realise, that is why it is recommended to consult with a locksmith when moving into a new home, to make sure your home is as safe as it can be.
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keys March 24, 2017

Differences between Transponder and Remote Control Keys

The traditional flat metal key that is used to open nearly every type of lock made is losing its popularity and usefulness, as newer types of locking systems come online. This is especially true in the case of the automotive industry, as new vehicles are now coming equipped with transponder keys, as well as remote control keys. Many people confuse the differences between transponder and remote control keys, and think that they are basically the same, they are not.
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Open door March 8, 2017

Avoid Security Breach by Installing Reliable Locking Systems

A home is one’s castle – a safe place, and it should be a place where a person feels safe. Protecting your family by securing your home is top priority, and there are a few ways you can do that. Not only are quality doors and windows important for preventing forced entry, but proven, reliable locking systems is what really prevents unwanted entry by intruders.
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Australia February 28, 2017

Australian Construction Industry Boom and Its Effects on Locksmith Companies

Whether people realise it or not, locksmithing companies help to protect residential homes, schools, hospitals, police and fire stations, governments buildings, commercial and industrial properties, inside and out. Also, nearly every vehicle on the road today needs the services of locksmiths, especially if these use transponder keys.
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locker February 21, 2017

Why Do Locksmiths Need to Be Certified and Professionally Trained?

If you are in need of a locksmith, you should be certain that the one you hire is professionally trained and certified. Local authorities often require that the locksmiths meet these qualifications in a specific manner to receive their licences.
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fraud January 30, 2017

Five Tips on How to Avoid Fraudulent Locksmiths

While the majority of locksmiths across this country perform their jobs in a reputable manner, you can wind up being scammed by one of the fraudulent locksmiths if you do not select wisely. It requires a bit of research and knowledge to spot the quality ones from the ones who only want to take your money without providing valid services in return for it.
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lock system January 23, 2017

Start your New Year Right with New and More Reliable Locking System

With the beginning of 2017, many homeowners are promising to be more apprehensive about home security, especially for people who live in large cities with the ever-present risk of break-ins. Of course, security it is important to ensure that a family and all their belongings stay secure, however, not all locking systems provide the best home protection.
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