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Should You Rekey a Newly Bought House?November 17, 2017

Purchasing your house is likely going to be the biggest investment that you make. Not only is your home a financial investment, it is also a security one. Everything that you own and hold dear likely resides in your new home, so why skimp out on protecting it in all of the ways that you can? Today we are going to talk about one of the most important steps you can take after closing on a newly bought home: rekeying. Rekeying is a common technique utilised by new homeowners in conjunction with talented and professional locksmiths. Let's look at why rekeying might be just what you need to rest easy in your new home.

Rekeying - Working With Professionals

When you purchase a home from a buyer, you are moving into the property that they once controlled. In doing so, you should acknowledge that you don't have full control over the locking mechanisms on the building. The former owner could have a duplicate key lying around that will always allow them to get back into the building. While most former owners don't ever use this for nefarious means, it doesn't mean that you should leave yourself open and available to being manipulated. So, at this point, most new homeowners have a decision to make. Do they install completely new locks or do they opt instead to hire a professional locksmith to undertake rekeying efforts? While there are valid reasons to consider either option, we believe that rekeying is a necessary function of purchasing your home. Here are our reasons as to why you should turn to rekeying.

Benefits of Rekeying a Home

The act of rekeying your home involves hiring a professional locksmith service, such as Alton Locksmiths, to come service the actual locks on your home. In rekeying, unlike changing your physical locks, the locksmith will remove the springs and pins within your lock in order to replace them with a completely new set. This allows for the locksmith to create your new, completely unique, keys to the home. In doing this, you are taking back control of key security and putting safety as a priority for both you and the inhabitants of your home.

Specifically, the reason rekeying a home is so important is that you do not know who has copies of keys. The previous inhabitants could have handed out copies of their keys to a dozen individuals, and you would never know until it was too late. By being proactive, and rekeying your home, you can do everything in your power to maintain optimum security.

For additional details about house rekeying, consult with Altona Locksmiths. We specialise in a wide assortment of locks and other related services for commercial, domestic and automotive purposes.

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