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What Does Keyed To Differ Mean?December 9, 2015

Home safety should be of paramount importance to homeowners everywhere, whether in the city or surrounding areas. One of the most common threats to home security and safety is break-ins, and these are made possible by faulty or inefficient locks. Unfortunately, in the hands of someone with knowledge about basic locks, most standard locks have a tendency to be simplistic in nature and are easily picked by a lock pick, or small metal object like a pin.

Because simple locks are generally inefficient, and pose a great risk to homeowners, many individuals that decide to rent a house or apartment, or that decide to invest in a property of their own, usually don’t settle for simplistic lock systems. Instead, they opt to invest in complex or ‘fool-proof’ locks.

Still, while complex manual lock systems may provide greater safety against tampering and break-ins, there is still one dilemma that people face when it comes to locks and home-safety – the loss or theft of one’s keys.

Let’s face it, losing or misplacing keys from time-to-time in not uncommon, and while this may seem like a harmless mishap, the ramifications that arise from the loss of one’s keys can be extremely alarming. Most people may be unaware of it, but if a key can be traced to the original owner, one can readily make a duplicate of the key and then use it to enter a home uninvited, which is technically a ‘break-in’.

This can be extremely problematic for individuals who opt for keying their locks alike – that is, having one single master-key for all the locks at home. One sure-fire solution to prevent this dilemma, in the event of losing one’s keys, is to opt for differing keys.

A Quick Look at Keyed To Differ Options

Professional locksmiths call the installation or employing of differing keys in a single homestead ‘keyed to differ’. This is basically just a fancy term for having different locks with different keys in one area. While this may appear somewhat troublesome and a hassle, when considered from an initial vantage-point, the benefits of differing keys and locks become all too obvious, especially when you consider the singular disadvantage of master-keys – these can be easily reproduced.

Once a master-key is lost or duplicated, whoever has it has incontestable access to all areas of your home, and that is a very scary reality. In keyed to differ, if you lose a key, then it doesn’t automatically allow instant access to all areas of your home, but only that specific place that is unlocked by that specific key.

If you are contemplating on increasing the safety of your home, office or for your vehicles, by using differing key options, then visit Altona Locksmiths; they have over 20 years of experience providing security and peace of mind to their customers.

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