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Maintaining Property Security with Temporary Construction KeyingDecember 14, 2020

There will be some instances when property owners would want to have their homes, buildings, or facilities to be renovated or extended. Other people, alternatively, would like to have their properties to be built and constructed by contractors. No matter what type of job is, there is one aspect of construction works that must be considered thoroughly. This aspect would be the security of the property.

You see, construction companies would have to gain access to the vicinity and parameters of the property that they are working on. Given this rationale, they would normally have keys that can be used to open specific doors. While a lot of them can be trusted and relied on, keeping your property secured must still be your top priority as the construction project goes on. And one great solution for maintaining property security is through the incorporation of temporary construction keying.

Working Principles

Temporary construction keying normally entails the keying of a lock cylinder that utilises a small, round metal insert to serve as the temporary master pin. Compared to the key owned by the property owner, the construction key is normally cut with a deeper depth. Once the owner key is used in accessing a lock, the round insert then drops into the slot cut in the lock plug. The holes with these locks are usually designed to be a few degrees off from the primary pin chambers located in a lock.

Keying Methods

To date, there are two methods that can be done for temporary construction keying.

  • Keyed Alike: This type of temporary construction keying is done by making the locks in a property to be keyed alike so both the owners and the contractor can have similar master keys. And once the project has been finished or is about to be completed, the locksmith will now change the cylinders of the locks to effectively cater to the desired keying system of the property owners.
  • Basic Construction Key: Another method of temporary construction keying is to issue a temporary key for the builder, contractors, subcontractors, and other personnel who are required to finish some construction tasks. All locks that can be accessed by the temporary key will be inaccessible to them once the owner key or the void key is inserted.

Notable Benefits

The integration of temporary construction keying to properties, especially with building construction projects, brings numerous benefits to property owners. For one, it can provide a comprehensive and secured alternative solution to your property, especially if you only want to temporarily provide access to contractors. And unlike other lock and keying options, this type of keying can be easily created by a professional locksmith. If you want, it can even be switched to permanent keying in just a short time.

The handover process of this type of keying is likewise much simpler compared to other keying options since it does not require any key replacements initially. But even with its simple handover process, it can still provide the needed security of your property, no matter what stage of construction you are in. Any instances of theft, vandalism, fire, or any other damages can be prevented with this type of keying.

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