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Advantages of Keyless Entry in VehiclesDecember 1, 2015

Since the inception of the modern vehicle, keys have always been an integral part to their operation – for staring the engines and opening doors and hatches. Keys are the ‘activator’ that allows for vehicular function to this day, especially in more dated models. However, there is a new revolutionary take on the operation and entry, as well as the security of vehicles; one that is slowly replacing the standard system of mechanical keys - keyless entry in vehicles, it is the substitution of a specialised electronic locking and operation system that is taking the place of keys.

Properly referred to as a remote keyless system or RKS, or a remote central locking system (RCLS), keyless vehicular entry and operation evolved from an early security measure developed in during the latter part of the 1990’s, which featured a keypad installed near or at the driver’s door that could only be opened with the right numeric-code, known as a ‘passkey’.

Advantages of Keyless Entry in Vehicles is Changing Old-School Mentality

This numbered passkey later evolved into a more discreet system that does away with the keypad and the numeric code, and replaces it with a specialised key with additional buttons, to activate or deactivate the locking mechanism of a vehicle, including the vehicle’s ignition.

Old-school people may think twice about the innovation, but keyless entry in vehicles offers a lot of advantages over the standard ‘old’ methods. Here’s a quick look at why:

Why Remote Keyless Systems are Better Convenience

Have you ever found your hands full with the groceries or the kids, where you barely have enough room to manoeuver your keys out of your pocket, much less open your car doors? With electronic lock systems, you can easily open your car’s doors with just the push of a button. Why live with the hassle of having to do things manually, when you can easily undertake a task with relative ease?

Extra safety – electronic lock systems and automated ignition systems aren’t just a fancy way of opening and starting up your car, and they also have an additional failsafe which guarantees that it cannot be picked or hotwired. In most cases, if the conventional key system is jeopardized, it will emit a loud alert to inform the owner and other passersby that the vehicle has been tampered with.

This specialised system is also designed to lock the vehicle down thoroughly, to prevent forced entry and possible hotwiring.

Additional functionality – some keyless systems also feature added functions that help to improve the overall usability and comfort of vehicular operations, even allowing features such as linking your keys to your smartphone, so you never risk losing them, etc.

If you’re interested in revolutionising the way you operate your car, truck, van or delivery vehicle, then visit Alton Locksmiths, they can upgrade your old-school vehicles, allowing for keyless entry.

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