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Securing your Business, Home and Motor vehicle with the best locks!November 20, 2014

Keeping your valuables safe is important to all of us, therefore we install locks on doors, windows and even cabinets. Keeping your home, your car as well as your business or office safe is vital, thus you ought to only use the best locking systems available.

When it comes to safety there are a couple of factors to consider.

  • Key Locking systems for homes, cars, offices as well as businesses.
  • Have a master key made specifically for you, according to your needs.
  • Have the latest technology locking system installed.
  • Hide any objects of value as it will only tempt the thieves if it can be seen.
  • Have more than one or two safety features like adding decent burglar proofing and steering locks.

Home Safety!

When it comes to your home it is your responsibility to ensure you as well as your valuables are safe. Keep the number of keys as well as people who have keys to a minimum. Have you ever considered a master locking system? Have one key that works on all doors in your home. Maybe you would prefer to have mechanical or electrical locks installed? These are also a great option to consider.

The usual entry for a burglar is through a door, although there are many cases where windows or even chimneys have been used. These are not so common so you ought to take a good look at your doors; this includes your garage door. Use solid metal or heavy wooden doors for entrance and exit doors. Installing heavy duty locks on these doors such as dead bolts are also recommended. Having a peek hole in these doors will keep you from needing to open them unnecessarily. Glass side panels or windows next to a door or on the door are also an easy way to get access to a home.

Business Safety!

How easily can an employee take your keys and have a copy made? A good idea on inside doors will be mechanical or electrical door locks that only you can access. Have deadbolts installed plus a master key system where there is only one key.

Have side doors well lightened as well as properly secured with double doors if they are not used regularly. Make sure door frames are solid and cannot be crammed open. Use solid doors and leave with employees, thus ensuring all doors are locked before you go home. Store expensive stock at the back or centre of a store, where it cannot easily be seen through the windows. Keep front shop windows free from posters or advertisements, leaving a burglar inside open to be seen. Also ensure that ventilation systems can’t be used to enter the premises.

Motor Vehicle Safety!

Install new locks yearly as thieves are becoming quickly accustomed to new systems. Install multiple locking systems. If you enter a place requiring you to leave the keys at the front desk, or with an attendant, only leave your ignition key. Have an alarm system installed and always activate it, no matter where you stop, activate the alarm and make sure your motor is locked. Never hide a spare key on your car, not even in a magnetic box as thieves know about it. When exiting your vehicle turn the steering until it locks for added safety.

For assistance with any and all locks, talk to the professionals in the industry by visiting Altona Locksmiths.

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