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Are your domestic lock keeping honest people out or the criminals?December 8, 2014

Burglaries are becoming more common these days, the thief’s seem to know how to get in quicker and quicker as every year passes. Latest statistics has shown that a burglary takes place about every 15 seconds, somewhere out there!

Are you truly secure in your home, is your children safe and your belongings?

Burglaries are one thing, but home invasions! This is where the biggest problem lies! With a burglary you lose your belongings that you worked hard to obtain, it could cost you thousands to replace, but with a home invasion, you could lose your life! The wise use to say, having a deadbolt lock installed and making sure all your windows are locked, keeps you safe.

These days those only keep the honest people out, so what should you then do?

Your home needs to be able to withstand the attack from these hardened criminals, thus your home will have to be hardened! Have burglar bars installed in front of your windows, you can even have some security doors added to your home.

Fit domestic locks that are up to standard to safeguard your doors!

Do you feel secure with your current locks? Why, if they are not up to standard? Lock-picking tools have become inexpensive as well as easily accessible! The internet is also flooded with tutorials on using these and multiple other systems!

New ways are found daily for opening locks, windows and safes therefore they are no longer safe, as they can be unlocked in under a minute!

Basic concept of a lock is what? Inside your door-lock is a system that needs to be lined-up, that is why keys have teeth, inserting the key and turning activates the system, unlocking the door. The tools used by intruders bypass this system by applying tension and basically almost forcing the system into place.

Once inside your home, who knows what their plans are!

Most doorframes are also not made of a material strong enough to withstand a high velocity force, thus causing doors to be kicked in by a man of average size! Update your locking system in addition to your door and door frame for added security.

The glass in windows is even more fragile than your door frames, therefore it is recommended to have burglar bars installed.

By upgrading your security on your windows and doors plus your locking systems, you are causing a delay in time. This may still allow thieves into your home eventually, but no-one likes to battle and with thief’s it is even worse as time means everything. Except for the fact that it leaves them more open to being noticed, it gives you time to react!

With technological advancements, you can now secure your home, talk to professionals within this field of services and get your home locked down!

If you have more than one door entering your home, be sure to have all of them checked and fitted with secure locking systems. Having surveillance installed is also a great option to consider as an added safety feature! Garage or basement doors are also a threat, so do not forget them as you are having your new locking systems installed.

Talk to experts by visiting Altona Locksmiths today and seen how they can aid you in securing your home!

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