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Residential Security: Are your Knob Locks Enough?December 1, 2017

Everyone wants to make sure that their home is as safe as it possibly could be, which is why professional locksmiths recommend to install more than just lock knobs on all entry doors of a home. Basically, knob locks alone are not enough to keep your home safe. Yes, adding a security alarm, cameras, and adopting a guard dog all help as deterrents to break-ins, but it is the deadbolt lock that stops burglars from forcing entry. If people remember to use them.

Professional Locksmiths Warn Knob Locks Aren’t Enough

Any professional locksmith will agree that knob locks alone will not prevent forced entry attempts, only deadbolts will do that. In almost all home burglaries in Australia, intruders use brute force to gain entry. If the there is no deadbolt lock, or the deadbolt lock is not adequate, doors can be easily kicked in and entry gained. Most burglaries in Australia are residential burglaries, and a majority of these occur during the day when no one is home.

The best defence against forced entry for residential homes is by using quality deadbolts. This type of lock provides the best protection, that’s because unlike knob locks it has a steel bolt that extends deep into the strike plate of the door frame and the door jam.

Types of Deadbolts and Importance of Regular Use

The most common type of this lock uses a single-cylinder that uses a twist knob to lock it. Double-cylinder deadbolts are different because these don’t have a twist knob to operate, instead a key is required on both the inside and outside of the lock to operate it. For maximum protection, the steel bolt of the deadbolt lock needs to be fully extended into the door jam.

Many people who have single-cylinder deadbolts often neglect to use them regularly or do not twist the knob enough to fully extend the steel bolt into the strike plate and door jam. When this happens, knob locks are not enough, and the door frame can be compromised by forced entry.

Most people don’t understand that it is not the door or locks that break when someone kicks in a door, it’s the door frame. This is why the strike plate is so important and should be anchored with 3-inch screws to reinforce it. However, even with a reinforced strike plate and a quality deadbolt lock, an intruder can still kick-in your door if you forget to lock the deadbolt.

If you want to evaluate the security of your home and doors, to make sure that your home is as secure as it could be, then contact us here at Altona Locksmiths, we can help secure your home with quality locks and alarm systems.

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