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The Importance of Master Key System in FactoriesDecember 5, 2016

Commercial security is more complex than the needs of residential properties, especially for large factories such as manufacturing facilities that have many working spaces, rooms, and restricted areas that require regulating access to certain personnel. Because of this, many keys are required, made, and distributed, unfortunately, maintaining such a system requires constantly re-keying locks and making new keys, every time a key is reported lost or when personnel leave the company.

If you’re factory or manufacturing facility is wrestling with this problem, then the answer you seek is a Master Key System.

The Benefit of a Master Key System

What makes a Master Key System different from a standard one lock, one key system is that the cylinders of locks are configured to accommodate a hierarchy of keys. This allows different individual key holders and groups of people to gain access to specific areas, or even all areas of a building. Basically, a master keyed lock can be opened with a designated key, or using a master key. In this way, locks can be re-keyed with a new designated key, but the master key will not need to be replaced.

There are many benefits of this type of key system, mainly that security is controlled which allows designated people access to defined areas and rooms within a factory or commercial facility.

The Difference Between a Master Key System and Keying Alike

Keying alike locks configures multiple locks to open using one particular key, and is effective for residential properties and even for small shops. A master key system is ideal for factories and large commercial buildings that have numerous rooms, areas and spaces that only specific people can access, for security and safety reasons.

It is an important decision to implement a secure master key system, especially if there are multiple groups of people at a factory that have different security levels, and there is a need to segregate or limit access to certain areas. A professional commercial locksmith can help factories and commercial buildings to establish a master key system, and will work with managers to determine how many different types of keys are needed, and who will receive them.

Altona Locksmiths specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial key systems, to meet specifics security needs of factories and commercial facilities. For more information about our locksmith services, please schedule a no obligation consultation. Our experienced commercial locksmiths can assist you in creating a key system that meets your factory’s unique security needs.

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