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Ways How Locksmiths Professionally Open Locked AutomotivesJune 5, 2023

Customers who have accidentally locked themselves out of their vehicles or misplaced their keys may take advantage of the expert services offered by auto locksmiths. Car locksmiths have a wide range of gear at their disposal to unlock vehicles without causing any damage to the vehicles themselves.

The following is a list of the methods locksmiths can use to access automotive.


These days, keyless entry devices are standard on the majority of automobiles. So, to utilise keys to unlock them, they must first go through the process of being programmed. A competent locksmith experienced with keyless entry systems knows how to reprogram the lock and unlock the vehicle without causing any damage to any component.

Re-flashing the Immobiliser

Immobilisers are a deterrent against theft and are installed in some motor vehicles. When a thief attempts to take a vehicle equipped with an immobiliser, the vehicle will not start. Nonetheless, there are situations in which the immobiliser develops a fault, which makes it impossible to start the car even if the key is inserted. Car locksmiths are quite effective at resolving issues like this and getting vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Key Extractor that's Been Broken

When this happens, the key is stuck inside the lock and cannot be removed. In this scenario, locksmiths will use a broken key extractor to remove the broken key or key components from the lock of the vehicle, after which they will duplicate the key to get access to the vehicle. The door handle retention clip that secures a car's door handle to the door may be removed from the vehicle using a door handle clip removal tool.

Key Analyserand a Mechanical Code Key Cutter

Keyless entry is a common feature in modern and technologically advanced automobiles. Auto locksmiths use a key analyser or a VATS passkey decoder to assess the electrical resistance values of a vehicle if the vehicle becomes locked and cannot be unlocked. They then utilise a mechanical code key cutter to produce an accurate key without having access to the original to copy it.

Slim Jim

The slim jim is an essential instrument for every car locksmith's toolkit. A slim jim is inserted by a locksmith between the glass and the weather stripping of the vehicle's window to unlock the vehicle without using the key when the vehicle will not unlock. Because the wrong use of this instrument might harm or deactivate the airbags or electrical system of the car, using a slim jim takes a significant amount of expertise, training, and experience, although it appears fairly straightforward.

Using J & L Tools

Auto locksmiths utilise a J tool in unlocking older vehicles with swapped lock and unlock buttons near the doors' inner panel. They enter the vehicle by inserting the J tool through the roof glass, which allows them access to the interior. After that, the button that unlocks the door is lifted, which allows the automobile door to be unlocked. The L and J tools are conceptually extremely comparable in their designs. The L tool has a slightly different form than the other tools, making it more suited to work with certain automobile types and designs. This is the primary distinction between the two.

In conclusion, automotive locksmiths have the training and instruments necessary to unlock any vehicle without causing any damage to the lock or the vehicle itself. It is highly advised that you seek the assistance of a professional vehicle locksmith if you ever find yourself in a precarious scenario with an inoperable lock or key. An auto locksmith can assist you in a dependable, prompt, and cost-effective manner.

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