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Understanding the Difference between Rekeying and Replacing LocksJanuary 28, 2021

Despite the development of numerous security solutions in the market right now, door locks are still being utilised by many property owners due to their ever-reliable consistency and durability. These locks can still provide security, safety, and privacy to property owners and occupants. They likewise retain the option of being modified or replaced whenever necessary.

And speaking of replacing locks, many property owners tend to confuse the difference between rekeying and replacing locks. Situations that call for rekeying locks can be somehow similar to those for replacing them, but some elements can truly set them apart.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying of locks pertains to the alteration of the lock’s internal components so they can only be accessed by a new key. This process ensures that the previous key cannot access the lock anymore. So, those who have the old keys cannot enter the property anymore, unless they are given new keys again.

The bodies of the locks whenever they are rekeyed are not replaced entirely. Only the internal components such as the lock cylinder and key pins, as well as the keys, are modified during the said process. Since some parts of the locks are retained, they tend to cost cheaper than key replacements. It is important, however, that the rekeying process will be done by a professional locksmith since doing it by yourself can compromise the quality of the lock and your own security.

Rekeying locks are known to increase your sense of security. It is also cost-effective and can be done easily by professionals. The only downside of this process is that you are stuck with whatever type of lock you currently have. Despite rekeying it, a low-quality lock would still retain its subpar security features.

Replacing Locks

Replacing of locks, alternatively, changes the whole lock and keys. Most of the time, lock replacements utilise new keys and locks so that everything will be greatly secured and are free from potential security issues. The only people who can access these locks and provide key to others are the property owners.

Since every aspect of the lockset will be replaced, the cost of doing it will surely increase compared to rekeying locks. One good thing about replacing locks is that you can now determine and choose the type of lock that you want to install. You are not limited to the lock type as everything will be replaced, after all. When looking for a perfect lockset for your property, you may want to consider your available budget, security features that you want to utilise, and other unique properties of locks.

As mentioned, one great advantage of lock replacements is that it grants you the opportunity to obtain your preferred lock type. Replacing your locks likewise provide you with the chance to finally upgrade your security. One drawback of this process, however, is the overall higher costs of buying the whole lockset as well as letting professionals install the necessary lock components.

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