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Understand the Difference between Replacing and Rekeying the Locks of Your HomeOctober 12, 2021

Security is crucial to every home property. Without considering it heavily, a family might be flooded with burglary attempts and unannounced entries from their friends and neighbours. Worse, burglary attempts may become successful, which can lead to stolen items or family members obtaining injuries.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways in improving the security of a property. One effective way of improving the security of the property is through installing durable and long-lasting doors and windows. Another way to ensure the security of a property is through the installation of high-quality locks. Your home property is expected to already contain reliable doors, windows, and locks. However, specific instances might require you to either replace or rekey them.

Choosing between replacing and rekeying the locks can be tricky. To help you out, here are some notable differences that you need to know about these activities.

Replacing the Locks

Replacing the locks of your home technically means that they will be changed thoroughly. And since every component of your locks will be replaced, you are expected to utilise new keys. This option may be great for you if you want to obtain some new features and alterations to your security system. Additionally, lock replacement is highly recommended if you want to opt for a different type of lock.

One primary advantage of lock replacement is that it allows you to customise your locks entirely. 

From their appearance to their functions, lock replacement can grant you brand new locks that fit your desired characteristics. You can even maximise locks with custom components. Another advantage of lock replacement is that it can give you substantial upgrades over your existing security system.

A drawback of lock replacement, however, is that it is expensive. Since the components of your locks will be replaced entirely, you may have to spend some money on their customisation and installation.

Rekeying the Locks

Rekeying the locks, on the other hand, means that only the internal components of your locks will be modified or changed while the chassis of the locks will be retained. Some of these components may need some adjustment to ensure that the locks will remain secure and reliable. One known similarity between lock replacement and lock rekeying is that they require new keys in opening the locks.

One benefit of rekeying your locks is that it increases your sense of security. Once your locks are rekeyed, all the old keys that used to access them will not work anymore. Doing this can be great for you if you just recently moved to another property. Lock rekeying can also be beneficial for property owners like you if you want to save some money as it is cheaper than lock replacement. 

The only downside with rekeying the locks is that it only gives you limited security upgrades. Locks that have already deteriorated may be rekeyed, but their overall quality will remain the same. 

The best option for your home property would still depend on your preferences. If you want some more help, you can call us at Altona Locksmiths.

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