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Transponder Key Replacement and Reprogramming ServicesMarch 29, 2018

Years ago, cars were much simpler than they are today. Just place a key into the ignition, then turn it, and the vehicle’s engine would start. Nowadays, nearly everyone owns a car. Unfortunately, stealing cars for profit has increased over time, and that has spurred the need for innovative ways to prevent them from being stolen.

The most effective means against car theft now are manufacturer supplied transponder keys. While transponder keys are designed effectively to thwart car thefts, as an electronic fail-safe means to prevent cars from starting if its microchip isn’t detected, they do at times need to be reprogrammed if damaged, or replaced if lost or stolen.

Professional Transponder Key Replacement and Reprogramming Services in Altona

While transponder keys work well in safeguarding cars, they sometimes get lost, stolen, or damaged. For standard car keys, simply calling any locksmith will suffice to replace a lost or stolen key, or to have a new ignition rekeyed. However, for transponder keys, only professional locksmiths that are authorised by auto manufacturers can replace and reprogram them.

Altona Locksmiths offers transponder key replacement and reprogramming services. While reordering a lost transponder key from your car’s manufacturer is possible, it could take a while to get a replacement sent to you. However, if you need instant results, Altona Locksmiths can issue a replacement transponder key or reprogram a transponder key if it becomes damaged.

We guarantee that every reprogrammed transponder key will be ideally suited to your specific vehicle’s make and model, and, that it will comply with any and all of the manufacturer’s preset specifications. Altona Locksmiths has official car dealership pin codes and is authorised and trained to replace and reprogram car manufacturer’s transponder keys.

Because of their design and the unique electronic code assigned to each transponder key, only authorised, licensed, bonded and trained professional locksmiths can replace and reprogram them. Here at Altona Locksmiths, we are officially authorised to replace and reprogram all major car brands’ transponder keys, as well as provide full automotive locksmith services, including 24-hour emergency roadside service.

One-Stop-Shop Locksmiths for Automotive, Commercial, and Residential Needs

All the professional locksmiths at Altona Locksmiths are trained in the latest automotive, commercial, and residential locksmithing techniques. Whether you need to replace or reprogram a transponder key for your car, or create a master key system for your business, or you need to rekey or replace locks in your home, Altona Locksmiths can help. Let us be your one-stop-shop locksmith service in Altona.

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