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Top 3 Signs Your Transponder Key is Slowly FailingNovember 8, 2021

Vehicles can be typically paired with security features that would prevent them from being stolen. Some features that they can work with are tracking devices and security etching.

Another security feature that they can maximise is the transponder key. A transponder key has a microchip that can transmit a low-level signal to effectively unlock or open the car lock. Most vehicles that were manufactured in the past two decades maximise transponder keys to effectively enhance their security. Fortunately, a transponder key can still be generated by professional locksmiths today.

If you are currently using a transponder key for your car, then you are assured to be secure and safe. However, once it starts to show the following signs, you might want to have it serviced right away.

  1. Access Difficulties

One of the few signs that your transponder key is slowly failing is its inability to lock or unlock your door flawlessly. A transponder key is designed to access the lock of your car easily and securely. If it starts to somehow delay the locking or unlocking of your door, then its internal components may already have some notable problems that require further assistance from locksmiths. Failure to resolve the problems of your transponder key will only make your car access troublesome.

  1. Jammed Key

When using your transponder key, you would expect that it would start the engine easily. However, if it always gets stuck in your ignition, then your key might be already near its end of service life. Its core components are intended to send a signal whenever it is tasked to start the engine. But if your car does not start and respond to the key, you must find a reputable locksmith and ask for a new key. Opting for a new key can be beneficial for you since its operational and security features will be functional again.

  1. Unresponsive Engine

One more sign that your transponder key is slowly failing or has failed already is if it does not make your engine start right away. A transponder key that is not stuck in the ignition should be able to start the engine immediately. If your engine, however, does not respond, then it means that some parts of your key have some serious issues. Worse, your key’s serial number may have already been tampered with by potential thieves. To ensure your car security and safety, you must have your key changed right away.

Various factors can be attributed to the deterioration or failure of your transponder key. For one, it may have already depleted its internal power supply. It may have also been exposed to mechanical shocks and water. Fixing the transponder key on your own might only get things worse. Hence, you must call a professional locksmith to obtain a functional transponder key.

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