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The Importance of Sliding Door Locks for Home SecurityApril 12, 2022

Home properties should always be equipped with security features to prevent burglars and others from barging in and committing crimes. With high-quality home security, homeowners and their families are expected to remain safe throughout their stay in their respective houses.

One of the security features that these properties should possess is door locks. 

Door locks are essential since they can only be accessed by property owners and family members. They can likewise be configured to accommodate the security needs of a family. Tons of door locks are available today. However, only a few of them can be fitted into sliding doors.

The Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are doors that can be opened horizontally through sliding. They are installed parallel to a wall by mounting them either on top of a track below or suspending them from a track above. 

One of the reasons sliding doors are maximised by many homeowners is they can provide more space. Since the panels of the sliding doors can already be opened horizontally through a wall, property owners do not have to make space around the doors anymore. Sliding doors can likewise provide better traffic flow and easier navigation due to their wide opening. 

Sliding doors are also adopted by many property owners since they allow a lot of natural light to enter. Even airflow and circulation can be enhanced by utilising these doors. Ultimately, they can improve the appearance of properties as the doors’ design can be altered depending on one’s preferences.

Sliding Doors Security Risks

Most sliding doors are made from materials that are durable and tough to break. However, they can still be prone to security risks. Burglars, after all, can do everything just to get what they want.

One way they can break into sliding doors is to lift them out of the track. Sliding doors maximise rollers for them to glide along tracks smoothly. With the right tools, burglars can conveniently pry and lift the doors out of their track. Another way burglars can access home properties through sliding doors is to smash the tempered glass panels. Despite their strength, burglars can still strike the doors with heavy objects.

Burglars can likewise bypass the sliding door locks by jiggling them until they break. Those with long experience with burglary can unlock most locks, allowing them to steal a lot of things silently.

Installing Sliding Door Locks

Some sliding door locks may be unlocked by burglars. But once property owners invest in high-quality sliding door locks, burglars’ chances of unlocking the sliding doors can be minimised significantly. After all, most sliding door locks do not maximise the locking mechanisms of regular door locks.

Today, property owners can choose from different types of doors locks. Double-bolt locks, for instance, are locks that utilise interlocking bolts in holding the door closed. Mortise-and-hook sliding door locks, alternatively, maximise the thumb latch in operating their lock hook. Thumb turn locks are sliding door locks that maximise a latch integrated into the handle. Keyed locks, ultimately, are sliding door locks that can be locked and unlocked from both sides of the doors. 

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