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The Importance of Master Key Maintenance System in Buildings and FactoriesJanuary 29, 2018

Threats to corporate security are on the rise. As commercial buildings and factories expand and the number of employees increase, so does the demand for better ways to keep them secured. Today, an ordinary key-and-lock system simply just won’t do. More stringent measures are needed to protect an entire buildings and facilities from intruders, as well as to control and regulate the levels of security access to certain rooms and areas of employees.

Why Use A Master Key Maintenance System in Factories and Buildings?

A master key system is the most fitting solution to the challenges of regulating and controlling various levels of security access among employees in buildings and factories. It can provide high-grade security to any commercial space, large or small, without restricting the freedom of movement among employees or limiting their workflow.

In fact, master key systems can be customized depending on the specific level of security needed by a company. People would still be able to enter their offices and work spaces using designated keys, and maintenance workers can be allowed access to specific areas, while managers, supervisors, and other high-ranking staff are allowed access to all areas with what is called a ‘master key’.

A master key system can created to meet specific needs of any commercial building or factory. Unlike the typical one lock and one key system, a master key system includes a cylinder of locks that can allow multiple unique keys. This allows locks to be configured in such a way to allow various levels of access so that different groups may be granted access to specific rooms, areas, or the entire building. Simply, master key systems greatly improve the security of commercial buildings and factories.

Master key systems are also different from keying alike, which do not provide as much security because multiple locks can be opened with a single key, and there is no way to limit access to a select few. Although, keying alike is effective for smaller shops and residences, but not for large-scale companies that have many of rooms, spaces, or multiple buildings with people regularly coming and going.

With large companies and factories, it is common that every few months there are changes in employees’ status, thankfully, master key systems can be rekeyed as many times as needed, without having to create and replace keys. With the help from professionals at Altona Locksmiths, the security of buildings and factories will not be compromised each time an employee retires or ceases to at the company.

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