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The Ever Changing Technology in Locksmithing and Security January 28, 2016

car doorTime has change many things, each new century has brought with it many wonderful technological inventions that have changed humans lives in countless untold ways. However, one invention has remained nearly unchanged over thousands of years, the simple lock. While basic locks that use keys are everywhere, there are now new ways to secure doors, gates, containers, cupboards and cars.

Technology, Locksmithing and Security

Basic key locks have greatly benefited from technology, because these can now be keyed in different ways, to fit different situations, such as the following:

Keyed to Differ – Each of these locks will only open by its own individual key.

Maison Keyed System – This type of key system is used in places like apartments, and while each apartment door has its own key, communal doors will open to all residents' keys.

Keyed Alike – This allows for many locks to be unlocked by one key type.

Master Keyed System – In this lock system, each of the locks has their own unique key, but there is a master-key which can open all locks. This could be an effective system to set up in gyms, fitness centres or employee locker rooms.

Basically, technology has allowed the tried and true key lock to be configured in ways never before imagined. But, there are other locksmithing and security measure that don't involve keys.

Vehicle Transponder Keys Latest Security Technology

Transponder keys are special keys that contain microchips mounted inside their plastic cases. Why a microchip? Microchip technology now allows greater control over the security of automobiles that have on-board computers, because the vehicles won't start or function without the transponder key's signal. In this way, your vehicles can't be stolen. It is a huge step in locksmithing and security service in helping to protect people and their property.

Various car manufactures now use transponder keys extensively, while most others use them for their higher model vehicles, and when these keys are issued they come with a unique pin code. To obtain the original pin code, the information can be obtain through the car dealership or through authorised agents such as Altona Locksmiths. We are an authorised agent that can obtain transponder key pin codes from car makers such as Honda, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki and Subaru.

Our professional locksmith are schooled in the latest security and locksmithing technologies and we use them to keep our customers safe, and their properties secured. If you find yourself outside of your home or vehicle, without your standard keys or your transponder key, stay calm, Altona Locksmiths is just a phone call away.

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