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The Basics of Physical Key AdministrationMay 12, 2022

High-quality keys and locks can help property owners strengthen the safety and security of their buildings. And with the assistance of reputable locksmiths, they can ensure that every occupant and visitor of their places will be kept safe from physical harm and burglary attempts.

Keys are typically assigned to specific types of locks. By distributing them to authorised and trusted people, doors with these locks are expected to be only accessed by them. But while doing this can boost property protection, key holders can still become the primary source of security risk. Even if only one of them lost their keys, it can swiftly expose the property to a potential security breach.

This problem can get worse if the property does not have key administration.

Primary Elements of Key Administration

The primary goal of key administration is for property owners and managers to know the holder of specific keys. It likewise intends to identify when and where the keys have been utilised. 

Key administration or key management program is vital to properties as they can improve their protection from security risks. Key administration can likewise protect their assets, safeguard everyone inside their premises, and reduce the possibility of encountering unauthorised activities.

The effectiveness of key administration relies on three elements: identification, location, and assignment. Identification pinpoints the functions, features, and type of a key. Location, alternatively, identifies the areas where a key will be utilised and stored. Lastly, the assignment tells the current holder of a key, the duration of key ownership, and the management of key access, distribution, collection, and safekeeping.

The Need for Key Management Program

Without key administration, property owners and managers can have difficulties in gauging the potential security risks of their buildings. They may likewise have no choice but to cease their operations temporarily until they are cleared of potential break-ins and burglary. Property owners and managers may also have to spend some time and money to replace the keys and locks throughout their properties.

To avoid the consequences of bad key administration, property owners and managers with the help of their locksmiths should carry out practices that can make their properties safe.

One of the practices they should do is to avoid labelling the keys. They should remind key holders to avoid labelling or tagging their keys to prevent strangers who may pick them up from knowing their primary purpose. Instead, they can utilise a coded system for safer key indentation. Another practice that they must do is to minimise key ownership. Their properties may boast tons of rooms. Not all, however, must be accessed by anyone at any given time. Limiting the number of people who can hold the keys, especially master keys, at a time can minimise the cases of lost keys.  

Other practices include decentralising key administration, enhancing monitored access, and setting key curfews. Doing this can improve the key administration of properties.

Key Administration with Altona Locksmiths

To know more about key administration, you can contact us at Altona Locksmiths. We have over 20 years of experience, ensuring that your requirements are met from the commencement to completion of your job. Our locksmiths are prompt, professional and friendly. Your priorities always come first because your security and peace of mind are our business.

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