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The Basics of Door Lock Parts and Their Functions for Added Security and PrivacyNovember 22, 2021

As a homeowner, you need to secure your premises so that you can protect and secure your loved ones and other important belongings and resources. Without any protection, your property may be at risk of burglars that may unexpectedly bulge in and may even harm some of your family members.

Some security options that you can install are security cameras, alarms, door locks, and many more. However, one of the most recommended ways of enhancing your security is through the installation of door security fittings. These security fittings can support door locks in keeping unwanted guests from entering your vicinity without your permission.

Here are some of the basics of door lock parts and their functions for added security and privacy.

Door Bars

A door security bar o a door jammer is a metal tube that is placed against the doorknob and braced on the floor. The bottom has a rubber stopper that helps the bar not skid or move on the floor. It can be adjusted according to the desired length and can be set up in different kinds of doors. Door bars are usually made from sturdy material that can help prevent anyone from instantly coming in. They are usually found in residential exterior and interior doors, hotel room doors, and many more.

Door Chains

A door chain or a security chain is comprised of a small chain that is attached to the door frame. This specific chain is then connected to the door track so that you can partially open the door whenever someone knocks on your door. When installed properly, the resistance behind the mechanism of door chains prevents the people outside from quickly opening your door. Should a burglar bulge in, the presence of door chains allows you to give a few crucial seconds to decide what to do next.

Door Closers

Door closers allow doors to be closed in a controlled manner, preventing them to be slammed after someone opens them. They are usually located at the top of doors so that they can avoid any sudden banging action. Aside from this functionality, door closers also allow your door to be kept open whenever you are moving in or out. Without any slamming action, your locks and other security fittings will be intact and undamaged.

Door Viewers

Door viewers are usually small openings through a door that allows you to look from the inside to the outside. They are essential if you want to check the people who are knocking on your door. Instead of glancing through your much more visible windows, door viewers can help you assess the situation if ever the need arises. One alternative to door viewers is secure vision panels. Without opening the door, you can easily check the people outside without them knowing through door viewers and vision panels.

Installing these door security fitting help you ensure safety and security around your premises. If you want to install some of them, then give us a call now at Altona Locksmiths. We specialise in helping businesses and residents secure their premises with high-end locks, providing the perfect lock solutions to age-old problems.

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