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Technological Changes That Affect the Locksmith IndustryAugust 9, 2016

Literally, everyday, technological advancements are being used in ways that affect every industry and everyone’s life, in many ways both good and bad. However, technological changes that affect the locksmith industry are having huge positive impacts, which is ultimately keeping people and their properties safer. Some innovative technologies that are making peoples’ lives easier are just too many, too frequently updated, to be able to keep track of.

However, as an example, in the locksmith profession, Smart Locks are available that change the way people lock and unlock doors, using high-tech devices that they already own – smartphones.

Smart Lock Technology is Affecting the Locksmith Industry

Smart Locks are the next logical step in securing new types of locking mechanisms, such as electrical locks, by using applications that can send a coded signal. Using a wireless coded signal takes the place of physical keys. The technology is not new, but it is spreading like fire, smart locks now are available in automobiles, resorts doors, lockers, home entry doors, gates, and anywhere locks are being used to secure people and property.

Locksmithing and Keyless Entry

Much like smart locks, keyless entry eliminates the need for traditional keys and mechanical locking mechanisms. These have been around for a while, but are now being developed more for smartphone use, to provide remote control of automotive electronic locks. Many new models of cars now have keyless entry, however, just like traditional locks, locksmiths are needed to gain entry if the keyless remote or locking mechanism fails to function.

That is why professional locksmiths today are continually being educated on new security technologies, even before these are available to the public. Because keyless automotive remotes are available, and are becoming more, and more common with all automotive manufacturers, any locksmith that wants to stay in business needs to understand their working and should be qualified to work on these.

Card Access System Entry

Card access is the fastest growing locking system that is integrated into a buildings security system. Access card can be easily rekeyed and managed to the security needs of an apartment building, office centre, government building, or a home residence, and because of these new technologies, and ones yet to come out, the locksmithing industry has expanded its services by also offering security systems, installation and maintenance services.

If you need professional locksmiths that are qualified in the latest security technologies, then you needn’t look any farther than Altona Locksmiths, we specialise in residential, commercial, and automotive locksmithing services.

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