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Snapped and Broken Key Inside a Keyhole: What to Do When You're in This Situation?October 9, 2020

Keys are often made from metal materials that are truly durable and long-lasting. Most keys do not even corrode and show signs of damages despite using them for a very long time. However, there are still some instances where a key might suddenly snap while the other half is still inside a keyhole. When this type of situation arises, then one thing that a person can do is to be creative and resourceful.

Broken keys that are stuck inside a keyhole may not be common, but they can still happen to anyone. Therefore, it would be important for everyone to know all the things one should remember whenever one is in this situation. Calling a professional locksmith company can be a viable option for this situation but knowing what to do before they arrive can still help you get out of this snapping problem. Some of the things that you can do to solve this snapped and broken key problem are as follows:

Extract with Tweezers

One great go-to solution, whenever a key breaks off inside a keyhole, is to extract it with tweezers. When you opt for tweezers, you must hugely consider its thickness as well as the depth of the broken key inside the hole. If a part of the key is still protruding from the barrel, then getting the broken part can be easy. However, if the broken key is too far back, then you would need tweezers that are thin enough to fit in the keyhole and, at the same time, secure the broken key part. Getting the broken key with tweezers must be done carefully since the chances of pushing the key deeper are significantly high.

Fitting in a Jigsaw Blade

Another great solution for a snapped and broken key inside a keyhole is to fit in and insert a jigsaw blade. A thin piece of metal, which is basically the jigsaw blade itself, can be inserted inside the keyhole so that it can come along with the broken key. The serrated edge of the blade must be inserted into the keyhole so that it can hook the key much easier. Once the blade is inside, you must turn and pull it so that the snapped key part can come along with it. If the key does not come out, then you should try the mentioned steps again. This method can also be done with a hacksaw blade or a small pocketknife.

Stick It with Super Glue

The excellent bonding capabilities of super glue make them great for pulling out broken keys. So, if you possess a steady hand, then you might want to extract your broken key with the help of this excellent bonding agent. With super glue, you should dab it onto the end of a match, paperclip head, wire, or any other materials that can fit in the keyhole. Afterward, you must insert the material into the keyhole until it reaches the end of the broken key. After a short time, you must now try to pull out the material along with the key part. Make sure that you do not apply too much pressure to avoid pushing the key further.

Other methods that you can do when pulling out a key from a keyhole include the use of a broken key extractor, tapping of the cylinder, and probing the keyhole with thin pieces of metal.

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