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Signs of a Failing Car Ignition Lock Cylinder: When to Call a Locksmith?August 22, 2019

When you get into your car and turn your key, you are pretty sure what should happen next. Unfortunately, when you have a failing car ignition lock cylinder, certain problems can quickly begin to manifest. As it pertains to your vehicle, being able to regularly start-up your car is pretty important. To make sure that your car is always operating efficiently, you need to be on the lookout for several important signs of potential car ignition lock cylinder failure.

Common Signs of a Failing Car Ignition Lock Cylinder

When we talk about your ignition lock cylinder, what are we discussing? Well, to keep it simple, we are talking about the tumbler that is installed into your dash. This is where your key is manually inserted to power on your vehicle. Once you insert your key, you should be able to turn the ignition to power on your vehicle. An ignition lock cylinder will likely have four different positions; however, a faulty ignition lock cylinder will create problems that can impact them all. Here are the most common signs and symptoms of a failing ignition lock cylinder.

1) Issues Starting Your Car - First and foremost, a failing ignition lock cylinder will create issues that prevent your car from starting up on the first try. You might have to manually move your key around until you are in a position that allows the unit to start your vehicle. Certain positions won't work correctly and you might have to move your key around until it functions.

2) Car Won't Start - Let's say that you got away with jostling your keys into different positions for a while. Now, your car simply won't start. While a non-starting car isn't always the fault of a bad ignition lock cylinder, it can often be the case. Your lock cylinder connects to your ignition switch and they both work in concert to start your vehicle. If you are experiencing a 'no start condition', you might have a failing ignition lock cylinder.

3) Key Removal Issues - Finally, a failing ignition lock cylinder might also manifest when you insert or remove your key from the ignition. In an ideal world, your key should be able to insert and withdraw without any cause for concern. However, if your ignition lock cylinder is causing you problems, you might have to jerk your key around to remove it.

Don't let your ignition lock cylinder completely fail on you. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, contact our team at Altona Locksmiths. We'll be able to help you address all of your lock cylinder problems.

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