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Shopping Mall Challenges in Safety and Security: Why Professional Commercial Locksmiths are NeededJanuary 14, 2018

Shopping malls today face many challenges in regards to safety and security, challenges that can best be handled by professional commercial locksmiths. Large shopping malls typically have theatres, banks, food courts, restaurants, and all types of retail shops under their roofs, all which need to be secured for the sake of both business owners and customers. The main challenge is effective access control.

As super shopping structures, and shopping malls that are expanding their square footage, managing vast common areas, individual tenants, and building services often become an overwhelming responsibility, a responsibility that leaves shopping mall managers and security personnel always looking for way to improve access control of their buildings.

Thankfully, professional commercial locksmiths can help meet and overcome the challenges shopping malls face.

Commercial Locksmiths Have Safety and Security Solutions for Shopping Malls

It is important to recognise and understand the main security and access control challenges large shopping malls and centres face, and how professional commercial locksmiths can help.

Below are some of the security and access control challenges:

Shared entrances and spaces – shared facilities in malls is difficult to manage access privileges as there are many tenants that often rotate their employees through hires and fires. Updating access privileges to entrances and common shared spaces for each new person, as well as cleaning and maintenance crew is tedious and a regular time consuming task.

Tenant turnovers – when leases are terminated, access to spaces need to be revoked in a timely manner, for various reasons, mainly for the safety of new tenants to the space.

Relocation of tenants – when tenants relocate within shopping malls, the transition of security access privileges should be smooth to the new location.

With an effective access control system, shopping malls reduce the risk of security threats by unauthorised persons entering restricted areas. One of the ways to accomplish this is by using a master key system designed for shopping malls.

Shopping Mall Access Control Master Key System

One of the most cost effective ways to manage access control privileges is by the use of a master key system. This entails using a hierarchy of keys with various levels of security that are able to open multiple locks, with a master key that management can use to unlock all doors. Professional commercial locksmith can work with shopping mall managers to design and create a master key system that best meets their needs.

A master key system is easy to establish, and eliminates the need to issue and track many keys. Beyond the physical master key system are ‘keyless’ electronic access control systems, and even biometric access control systems, which may not be ideal for some types of retail malls, as it is a sizable investment.

Owners and managers of shopping malls can learn more about master key systems, keyless electronic access control systems, and biometric access control systems from Altona Locksmiths – professional commercial locksmiths.

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