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Setting Up Your Store's Security Success with Effective Master Locking SystemNovember 20, 2020

One of the elements that must be thoroughly considered in running and operating a store is its available security solutions. Without effective security solutions, a store can be easily infiltrated by intruders and burglars, which ultimately affects the overall safety and security of the people inside and its assets.

If you are currently own a store, then you should make sure that your security systems will be tight. One security system that can pave the way to the success of your store’s security is through the installation of an effective master locking system. Many business owners utilise this locking system as it boasts features and benefits that can effectively protect and care for stores, buildings, and establishments. 

Quick Background of Master Locking Systems

A master locking system is comprised of locks that are keyed so they can be accessed by their respective passkey and a master key. Passkeys or individual keys are only intended to open one specific lock, while submaster keys can access a group of locks within the locking system. Grandmaster keys, on the other hand, can access all locks, which would usually be owned by the building or property owner.

The way master locking systems are designed enables you to gain access to all areas of their stores and subsequently limit certain people from accessing restricted rooms and spaces. The presence of passkeys enables some store personnel to only access areas where they would usually work or go to, while submaster keys can be great for those who might have to open multiple rooms and areas as part of their job. This locking system can be effective in securing your important assets and store resources.

Creating the Master Locking System Structure

In setting up your master locking system, you must clearly identify and number the doors inside your premises. Numbering the doors can help you match all the people who need to access them and, at the same time, assess the proper allocation of passkeys and submaster keys. There will be some people in your store that must only access one area, while others might need to access two or more rooms. The former would have to be given only one passkey, while the latter can expect to receive submaster keys. Identifying and number the doors and their locks can also help you know which keys can access them.

Once all the passkeys and submaster keys have been matched with doors and locks, then they must be compiled in a secure list. Normally, a spreadsheet that contains locations, personnel, and access levels will be created to effectively visualise the organisation of the master locking system. This file is then sent to a professional locksmith so they can immediately work on and calibrate the whole locking system.

Altona Locksmiths Can Nurture Store Security

If you need help in securing your store premises, then feel free to give us a call at Altona Locksmiths. We can provide you with a customized restricted keyway system that may be as simple as two locks that use the same key. We can also create a complex master keying system that allows sophisticated key control throughout entire buildings such as stores and offices, covering all types of locks including door locks, padlocks, cupboard locks, and locks for cabinets and drawers.

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