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Security Should Not Be Breached With a Trustworthy Commercial LocksmithJune 8, 2016

Finding a trustworthy commercial locksmith is vital in protecting businesses of all types from being breached by thieves, in fact, a business is at risk every second that it is not fully protected. A full-service, professional locksmith has much to offer businesses, commercial property owners and managers today, such as a customized restricted keyway system.

Many people are discovering that they have more key solution available to keep they're business safer than over-the-counter locks. A custom designed, installed and smartly managed master key system can be created to meet the changing needs of any property, without sacrificing any level of security. Actually, a master key system increases security and prevents unauthorised breaches into buildings, rooms, workplaces and designated areas.

To better understand how such a complex master keying system works, and how your commercial business can benefit from utilising such a sophisticated key control system, a description is required.

Custom Master Keying System Increases Security

A master keying system is very effective because a trustworthy commercial locksmith can re-key the cylinders of your business's locks to accept different keys, not just one key configuration. What does this mean? It means that you can have keys configured to open only those locks you choose, this is a very effective way to limit access to certain people.

In this way – configuring locks and then keying these to accept certain keys, you can control the security access of a building, its doors and gates, and basically just about any lock, to certain staff that are deemed trustworthy. And, you can even make a master key, a key that can unlock all the locks in a building. Using this type of keying system is ideal for any commercial location, especially for apartment buildings, resorts, and large businesses that have multiple locations.

It is even possible to create a hierarchy of master keys, such as sub-master keys, master keys, grand master-keys and even great grand master keys, for CEOs, business owners, district managers and property managers.

Altona is Your Trustworthy Commercial Locksmith

There are many benefits to having your own custom master key systems, and here at Altona Locksmiths, we can help you reduce the amount of keys that you use, by configuring you property's locks to accept multiple keys. And, in this way, you can create the level of security your commercial property needs to prevent unauthorised access to designated areas.

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