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Securing Locks and Keys in Offices and Corporate EnvironmentOctober 25, 2016

If you are a manager of an office, whether it is a small or large office, then you understand how important securing locks and keys are. This is true also in a corporate environment where accountability is expected, especially in regards to the security of property and the safety of employees.

Securing locks on all windows, doors, cabinets, desks, and safes, is necessary for many reasons, such as keeping files safe, for securing valuable office equipment and cash, and for limiting or regulating access to certain areas to only authorised individuals. For example, most offices have at least six doors that are secured with cylindrical locks, and some office buildings can have dozens of doors that also need to be secured with locks.

This is often an inconvenience to employees and supervisors who have to carry a key ring with half dozen or more keys at a time, it’s a burden.

For this reason, office managers choose to employ a master key system to regulate access to areas of their buildings, by re-keying locks to accept only certain key configurations, while making one master key that can open all doors. Having a master key, or keys that can open multiple doors, removes the need to carry many keys on a key ring.

Basically, a locksmith can key all the locks in an office to work using just one key, or, segregate a building into sections with a key assigned for the doors in each area. This is called master keying locks.

The Benefits of Master Keying and Securing Locks in Offices

Master keying is ideal for offices and businesses, as a way to limit unauthorised personnel to certain areas. This is important because it increases the level security and personal accountability in an office – by regulating employees of various levels within the company from accessing certain areas. In this way, master keying office locks lowers instances of theft and misuse of corporate property, such as office materials, equipment and furnishings.

Master keying is the ideal solution to the problem of too many keys, and it empowers managers to regulate the movement of various levels of staff throughout a building.

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