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Rusted Key Locks in Your Home: How Altona Locksmiths Can Help YouMarch 16, 2018

There are many reasons why the locks or deadbolts in your home may not work. One of the reasons why older locks and deadbolts cease to function and become jammed is rust. When rust takes over a lock, even if you are able to insert your key, you are unable to turn it.

There are many people who would advise you to force turn the key to attempt to open a rusty lock, but professional locksmiths warn against it. This is because if you do attempt to strong-arm turn the key in a rusted lock, most likely, the key will break off inside the lock. The end result is that the problem becomes worse, and the services of a professional locksmith is required.

Sometimes, spraying WD-40 inside the keyhole of a rusted lock can make opening it possible, but this is definitely just a temporary fix. In fact, relying on WD-40 as a fix will make the problem worse. How? As the rust will just be pushed further back inside the lock, and once the WD-40 evaporates the rust will harden again and the lock will be much harder to open the next time. Eventually, the lock will jam-up and need to be cleaned to restore function.

Rust buildup inside locks and deadbolts prevent the spring-loaded tumblers from moving, causing these to be stuck into a position that prevents the lock from functioning properly. Fortunately, professional locksmiths can not only clean-out rusted and jammed locks, but they can also remove any keys that have broken off inside them.

Altona Locksmiths Can Help You with Rusted Key Locks in Your Home

The cool ocean breeze that blows through Melbourne is something that most people appreciate, especially on hot days. However, being near the ocean isn’t a good thing for metal objects like locks. This is because rust will eventually develop, causing home key locks and deadbolts to not function as they should, or worse, they become jammed.

Thankfully, Altona Locksmiths can help with the rusted key locks in your home. Locks can be cleaned, and any broken keys removed, and the locks can then be rekeyed as needed. Altona Locksmiths can even conducted preventive maintenance on your home’s locks so that they don’t develop rust. Preventive maintenance is a definitely recommended on vacation homes and multi-unit apartments that are not frequently used all year.

Unfortunately, there are times when removal of rust from key locks isn’t possible, and they need to be replaced. Altona Locksmiths can do that too. Our services include lock repair, lock installation, home lockout emergency service, key duplication, and key duplication services, just to name a few.

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