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Residential Locksmith Services That You Can Rely OnFebruary 26, 2016

The safest place for anyone should be in the home, but many people don't feel as 'safe' as they could inside their homes. Why is that? Well, for example, older homes with dated locks can provide little resistance to experienced burglars, as locking mechanisms have changed a lot in recent years.

In fact, many people who live in older homes haven't upgraded their locks in a long time, or never have. That should make anyone feel less safe in their homes, but finding residential locksmith services that you can rely on to fix that problem, by re-keying locks or installing new ones, is available.

Altona Locksmiths Offer Residential Locksmith Services That You Can Rely On

Altona Locksmiths can make your home a safer place. Whether you have an older home or a new one, we can help you by upgrading your locks, repairing damaged locks, broken key extraction or re-keying locks, these are just a few locksmith services that we offer. There are many locksmiths in Melbourne, but not all are reliable, or available when you need them, especially in an emergency.

Here at Altona Locksmiths, customers' needs drive our business and set our standards, when they need our help, we are there for them. If you are looking for residential locksmith services that you can rely on, day or night, then call us, we 'will' be there for you.

Residential Locksmiths Services

With many years of experience as residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths and automotive locksmiths, you can be assured that whatever type of locksmith service you need, we can handle it.

Here is a list of the most common home locksmith services we provide:

Re-key Service – No need to replace a whole lock mechanism, when you can re-key it instead, it saves you time and money from having to buy a new lock, and then have it installed. When you re-key a lock, there are new keys made, and any older keys will not work any longer. This is a popular locksmith service for apartments.

Master Key System – If you have a large home with many locks, then a master key system is best, because you will have one 'master key' that can open any lock in the house, while all other keys can only unlock one lock. 

Lock Installation – For a new house, or for an older home, upgrading the locks is a good idea, especially if you have older model locks.

Lock Repair – If your key breaks off inside your lock, don't panic, call us at Altona Locksmiths, we will come over as soon as possible to get you back in your home. And, we can remove the broken half of the key stuck in your lock.

Altona Locksmiths

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