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Rekeying Business Premises after ConstructionMay 21, 2018

The process of planning constructing businesses and other commercial spaces is time-consuming. Depending on the size of a building and its intended operations, it can take months or even years before construction is finalised, making it available to be occupied by staff and equipment. Most businesses are unaware of how critical this period is, as this transition period can actually jeopardize the future security of commercial property.

This is why security continues to be of utmost importance during this lengthy process. Thankfully, rekeying a business’s premises after construction can help solve this dilemma.

What security concerns exist after construction?

It is true that during the initial construction phase there aren’t any staff or employees present, there will be construction workers who freely enter and exit the premises. And while there typically won’t be any products, machinery, or expensive equipment lying around, except for remodeling construction projects, anyone who has access to areas under construction will be able to accurately estimate the layout of the premise.

From entrances to exits, to knowing which parts of each building will be used for specific purposes – this information can potentially be used to take advantage of any security loopholes.

Rekeying – the Key to Business Security

Keeping your business in a lock-and-key setting during construction makes it safer from potential intruders, but not from future threats to security. The solution is to rekey all the locks of your business after construction and remodeling projects.

During the rekeying process, professional locksmiths will remove pins and springs from lock cylinders and replaces them with new ones. This effectively prevents people from accessing your business premises with any keys used during the construction or remodeling period.

Rekeying all the locks of your building, after construction work is completed, will give you the assurance that only authorized persons and employees will have access and be able to enter the areas of your business.

The other security benefits of rekeying include:

  • Giving temporary access for a limited time to contractors and trades persons.
  • Collaborating with our professional locksmiths to set up temporary keying.
  • The freedom to switch between temporary construction keying and permanent keying.

Temporary construction keying

At Altona Locksmiths, we provide a complete range of locksmiths services, including temporary construction keying, so that you can easily rekey your business after construction or a renovation project. Our temporary construction keying services are cost-effective because you don’t need to replace keys or have to rekey locks during the handover process.

When working with Altona Locksmiths, you are guaranteed the security of your business at all stages of construction to handover of the property.

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