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Pro Tips: Residential Broken Key RemovalJanuary 20, 2023

While you're already late for work and rushing to get everything done, you're running out of time. After you have finished filling your hands, you quickly slip the key into the lock of your front door and turn it, but you are unaware of the required smooth effort. Instead, you hear a cracking sound, and when you glance down, you realise that the key to your house has snapped in half while inside the lock. It is annoying and embarrassing when a key snaps off within the lock, which causes the lock not to work properly.

Why Do Keys Break When They Try To Fit Into Locks?

It could probably be due to the following:

1. The alloys used to make standard keys are rather pliable.

2. The key has been worn out due to years of use.

3. The lock mechanism itself is either not lubricated enough or has become stuck.

What To Do If a Key Breaks While It Is Inside the Lock

It does not matter what the circumstances are after the key breaks inside the lock; it will be provided immediately, regardless of whether it is a lock for a residential door, a lock for a company, or a lock on a vehicle.

The lock may suffer significant damage as a result of the shattered key. If the key were to break the inner lock of the door before it was closed, you would be unable to lock the door, which would put your house or place of business in greater danger of being broken into.

If the key snapped off in the lock after you had already locked the door, it's possible that you won't be able to unlock it until the problem has been fixed.

Broken Key Retrieval

If a key has broken off within the lock and you see that a piece is pushing out of it, you should count your blessings and consider yourself fortunate. If this is the case, you might be able to remove the piece of the key that was cut off and left in the lock by simply squeezing it between your fingers and then pulling it out of the lock.

It is time to get your toolbox out if there is a component still stuck within the hole and you cannot reach it.

Materials Used

The activity will be more challenging if there is even a minuscule portion of the key that is sticking out. You might try extracting it using a powerful bar magnet or a set of needle-nose pliers because both tools can draw out the remaining piece.

You may be doing more harm than good if you have to poke and prod to get the key, as this requires more effort. You risk causing more damage to the padlock by pressing the broken component farther into the lock. Therefore, we are effectively informing you next to this that you should proceed with caution!

How to Avoid Having Your Keys Break

There are just a few things that you can do to prevent a key from breaking off inside of a lock from occurring in the first place.

Lubrication for the Locks

When locks are not properly maintained, keys frequently shatter while still inside the lock. About once every six months, or if you experience crushing or more resistance when securing the door, you should spritz the keyhole with a silicone-based lubricant that has been integrated into the product.

Replacement Keys

The use of keys results in a significant amount of wear and tear because of the frequency with which they are utilised. Therefore, if you see that the coating on your keys is starting to wear away, it is time to produce a copy and remove the old one.

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