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Principles and Notable Advantages of Keying AlikeFebruary 26, 2021

Property owners are provided with numerous options when it comes to key systems. Keying to differ, which is one of the key system options, allows each lock to be opened by its respective key. Another option is temporary construction keying, which enables property owners to secure their homes once a construction project has completed. Other viable options for key systems include Maison key system, grandmaster key system, and mastered key system.

One distinct key system that can be beneficial for property owners is known as keying alike. It basically allows several locks to be opened by the same key. Usually, there is no limit to the number of locks that can be accessed through this key system. 

Primary Principles of Keying Alike

As previously stated, keying alike is a type of key system that allows one key to open a specified group of locks. This key system is in contrast to keying to differ, which only allow different locks to be opened by different keys. Locks that are keyed alike can be typically found on front and back doors of properties. They can also be seen on locks that are found in an office or other similar properties. The convenience of having keyed alike locks is that they can be easily opened and closed by just one key.

There are certain instances when getting the locks to keyed alike can be truly helpful for you. For one, getting your locks to keyed alike can do great for you if you have just moved or transferred into a new home property or residential unit. Keying alike can also be done if you have lost your keys. Since one key can open anything, losing it can pose danger to your safety and security. Another instance where keying alike can be beneficial is if you want to upgrade your existing or old locks.

Known Features and Advantages

Keying alike has a set of advantages that other key systems do not possess. The first advantage of keying alike is that it can grant property owners like you the ability to open different locks with just one key. The convenience of having this option allows you to save time, especially when you are in a hurry or must find something in a specific room. The need for multiple keys is also eliminated with keying alike, preventing the hassle of bringing a different set of keys for a different set of locks.

Another advantage of keying alike is that is can a lot of money. Locks that can only be accessed by individual keys can consume a lot of money as locksmith companies have to craft them one by one. As more keys are created, the more service fees that you will have to pay. Keying alike, alternatively, can reduce the overall costs of locksmith services without compromising your property security.

If you want to acquire locks that are keyed like, feel free to call us at Altona Locksmiths. Our qualified locksmiths pride themselves in ensuring your requirements are met from the commencement to completion of your job. Our locksmiths are prompt, professional and friendly.


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