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Most Common Auto Lock ProblemsMay 7, 2018

Many automotive manufacturers now include auto lock features on their vehicles, like them or not, these are here to stay. While automatic door features are considered a “good” thing, as they are designed to provide better protection against auto theft, when these don’t function properly it can be the cause of much grief.

Understanding how vehicle auto lock systems work can save people a lot of headaches getting used to them. Many of the most common auto lock problems are not really problems at all, but instead they are new car owners getting used to how their vehicle’s auto lock feature functions.

For example, if an auto lock feature automatically locks the doors of the vehicle after a few minutes of the engine running, and the driver is outside of the vehicle after a few minutes, it is possible to get locked out while the engine is still running. There are other features that can take some time getting used too, such as the auto lock feature that locks the door when the vehicle reaches a certain speed, which requires the driver to unlock the door to get out once the vehicle has come to a stop.

Some car manufacturers now allow you to be able to turn off some of the auto lock features, but vehicle owners can experience less inconvenient problems if they first learn about their vehicle’s auto lock features. Although, the auto lock feature isn’t perfect and in some situations do not function properly.

Below are some of the most common auto power lock problems vehicle owners have experienced:

Key battery is low or dead – definitely the most common auto lock problem, when the key fob battery is dead or low on power, car locks will not work. The fix is easy, simply have the battery changed.

Faulty key fob – if the auto locks are not functioning, and the key battery is not dead, then the problem is usually a faulty key fob. To fix this problem you need to take your key to the manufacturer or an authorised auto locksmith that can reprogram or replace it.

Door lock wire is broken – because auto locks are constantly being engaged, they can wear and malfunction over time, most commonly a wire can become broken or lose and the lock will not function. If all the locks of the car can open but one, this may be the problem, and an auto locksmith can fix it.

If you are experiencing auto lock problems, and you can’t get inside your vehicle, you can call Altona Locksmiths at (03) 9315 0522, any time, day or night, and one of our certified mobile locksmiths will come and help you ASAP.

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