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Melbourne Locksmith Services and Working Conditions During Covid19 PandemicAugust 13, 2020

Before, professionals who are conducting locksmith services for domestic, commercial, and automotive keys and locks can basically complete their locksmith tasks in just a short time. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic puts them in a very difficult position, especially that strict implementation of physical distancing protocols is in place.

Fortunately, there are certain protocols and guidelines released by the authorities that they now follow so they can safely perform locksmith-related activities and transactions. So, aside from keeping your properties or assets protected from the possible intrusion of burglars and robbers, they also make sure that any bacteria and viruses will not enter and move into the surfaces of your building or vehicle.

Implementing Physical Distancing

One of the few changes in the working conditions of locksmith companies during the current global health crisis is the strict implementation of physical distancing. Technically, physical distancing is the practice of maintaining a specific determined distance between two people so that any contagious microdroplets will not transfer to another person. At work, locksmith professionals are now required to maintain at least 1.5-metre distance between their co-workers. Even in a client’s home, locksmith professionals are still distant from their clients to ensure no one will get the virus. Aside from maintaining a safe distance, locksmith professionals are also prohibited from shaking the hands of their co-workers and clients.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Aside from implementing physical distancing, almost all locksmith companies are now providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to their personnel. PPE is typically comprised of masks, gloves, eye protection, and screens that can help prevent the entry of viruses and germs to the body system. Surgical and other approved types of masks are proven to be effective in reducing the contraction of COVID-19 since they do not allow the entry and exit of microbes to and from one’s body. And since locksmith professionals must touch certain components of a property or automotive door, they are likewise required by their companies to wear gloves.

Practicing Good Personal Hygiene

There are a lot of people who may have been practicing good personal hygiene even before the emergence of COVID-19. However, as the virus continuously spread all over the world, authorities now urge everyone to practice and maintain good personal hygiene all the time. Locksmith professionals now take the time to wash their hands more frequently than they used to do. Most of them now even bring a handy soap whenever they are in their client’s residence or location so that they can wash their hands thoroughly after conducting locksmith services. They see to it that they wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and dry them off right away.

These key changes in working conditions of locksmith services during the COVID-19 pandemic may require additional steps and expenses, but all of these are conducted so that locksmith professionals can still provide the needed services by property or automotive owners. If you need to have some lock systems fixed or customised, then feel free to contact us at Altona Locksmiths.

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