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Mastered Key Systems for Commercial EstablishmentsMarch 24, 2023

Despite their diminutive size, keys play a significant role in the comprehensive safety of your organisation. Access to facilities, full buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles, and secure areas is granted to us through the use of keys. The effective management of keys is essential to ensuring the safety of commercial properties and the seamless functioning of businesses.

Even though more and more businesses are moving towards installing electronic access control systems, many establishments still rely on using conventional keys. Please find out how you can maintain a high degree of security at your business site while allowing employees with varying levels of permission access to the areas they need to use. This section will discuss how master key systems and management operations collaborate to accomplish the abovementioned objectives.

Putting in Place a System for Master Keys

Here, in descending order of the amount of access they provide, are the keys that are available to you within your master key system:

  • Great Grand Master Key - This key will unlock any key systems that are subordinate to it, including the grand master, master, and change keys.
  • Grand Master Key – This is the one that grants access to all of the other master keys and all of the change keys that are nested underneath those master keys.
  • Master Key - Within a particular system, the master key can lock and unlock all of the change-key locks that are ranked lower on the hierarchy than it is.
  • Change Key - This key, referred to as a sub-master key, can unlock just one lock at a time. The master key can also unlock the lock that corresponds to the change key.

How Master Key Systems Perform Their Functions

You must have a fundamental understanding that a master key system enables the use of two or more keys to unlock a single lock. Pin tumbler locks are frequently employed because of their essential role in the operation of this system. These pin tumbler locks include a driver pin and a key pin. When the correct key is used, both pins are raised and moved to a position on the opposite sides of the shear line.

A key has to have the appropriate pattern of grooves in it to raise the key pins to the appropriate level. The addition of a master wafer, which is positioned between the key pin and the driver pin, is necessary to convert a regular pin tumbler so that it may work with a master key system.

The Many Benefits of Utilising Key Management Systems

It is easy to see how beneficial a system of organising like this may be. The ability to swiftly and easily identify the necessary key at any given time is available to businesses. Management systems simplify how to provide the correct access permissions to every visitor, service provider, staff member, faculty member, or facility director. This is because management systems simplify the process. Maintenance of the hardware, modification of the locks, and production of new keys or duplicates are all made easier by this sort of system.

The owners of businesses can benefit from key management systems since they assist them in guaranteeing that only authorised personnel possess certain keys. Managers can discover useful information and locate keys that have not been returned.

Implement the most advanced security feature in your commercial establishment. Contact us for more details.

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