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Master Key Your Locks: Why Is This Important?March 30, 2016

When you own a small business or home, it may not be necessary to worry about the keying of the cylindrical locks throughout the structure since it only contains one or two doors. You may think differently with a large structure, though, as you could have three, four or more doors to carry keys for at this point. The solution to this is to master key all your doors. Let's examine the functioning of a cylindrical lock, and what master keying is to understand why this may be your viable solution in your structure.

The Way a Cylindrical Lock Operates

The inside of a cylindrical lock contains a series of pins that prevent the cylinder from rotating unless you insert the proper key into the lock. This key contains notches on it that push the pins into the correct position to allow the cylinder to turn within the housing to open the locking mechanism and thus, the door. Each lock works with its own unique key.

What Is Master Keying?

You can select to ask a locksmith to key all your locks alike to work on a single-key configuration, or you may select the master key option. In either case, locksmiths re-key the cylinders to set up the right configuration. A master key can open more than one lock that still unlocks with its own individual key. The option that is the most beneficial to you depends on your specific circumstance. While the keying alike is ideal for small companies and families, master keying is a better solution for large companies, organizations and apartment complexes. Master keying allows the property owner to use a single key on all of his holdings while allotting different keys to each business location or individual apartments whichever the case may be for the owner. An option such as this may include a great grand master, grand master, master and sub-master keys depending on the hierarchy of the company or just keep to the master and sub-master keys.

The Benefits of Master Keying

  • Provides convenient access to buildings or apartments for property owners or managers without the necessity of carrying around a bundle of keys.
  • There are fewer keys of necessary throughout the facilities, regardless of their function, which reduces on the cost of cutting keys.
  • Improves organization since it is easier to tell who has which type of key. As a result, there is less confusion for the managerial staff.
  • Makes re-keying simpler when an employee leaves the company, organization or apartment complex.

If you feel that master keys are the answer to your multiple locks, consult with us here at Altona Locksmiths to receive a quote of our services. We are experts with domestic, commercial and automotive situations.

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