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Master Key Systems: Things Commercial Property Owners Need to KnowApril 8, 2020

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of your commercial property. If you run a hotel or apartment, you must keep all your guests and residents safe from any burglary incidents. If you own a factory or an office space, you must prevent outsiders from entering your facility without proper authorisation.

The Importance of Master Key Systems

One way for you to maintain the security of your commercial property is to apply a master key system. A master key system is a key plan wherein specific keys can open and access selected locks. This type of system helps maintain control over the doors of the property. It also saves key replacements costs and reduces the number of keys in circulation. Access to certain rooms is also greatly managed with this type of key system. In case of emergency, a master key system can save lives.

The Concept behind Master Key Systems

Most master key systems use pin tumbler locks. With pin tumbler locks, a pin stack that consists of a driver pin and a key pin must be elevated for the pins to rest on opposite sides of the shear line. A key will lift the key pins, which have different sizes, within the lock. The driver pins, on the other hand, has a universal size. Thus, the key required for master key systems must have the right set of grooves to lift the key pins to the appropriate height.

The only thing needed for any standard pin tumbler to be converted into a master key system is to add a master wafer or a master pin between a driver and the key pin. Once the master wafer is added, the pin stack will acquire two shear lines.

The number of master wafers of a master key system relies on the difference between the master key and the change key. A change key is a key that only works on a specific lock or location. If the difference between these keys is huge, then more master wafers will be added to the system. With more master wafers on the system, the more possible keys can open a specific lock.

Types of Master Key Systems

There are several types of master key systems.

  • Keyed to Differ: Each lock on this type of system can only be opened by a specific key.
  • Keyed Alike: This type of key system allows different locks to be opened by the same key. The number of locks that can be keyed alike is limitless.
  • Maison Keyed System: This master key system works mostly in apartments and hotels. The key used for this type of system will only work on the locks of the assigned room and communal doors.
  • Master Keyed System: The change key for this type of system can only access its assigned lock. Only a master key can access all the locks in the system.
  • Grand Master Keyed System: A change key on this system can only access one lock. However, the locks on this system are divided into two or more groups, with each group readily accessible by one master key. All the locks on the system, regardless of their groups, can be accessed by a grand master key.
  • Temporary Construction Keying: This system has locks that are keyed alike for people who need temporary access to the building. Once they have completed their project on the building, the construction cylinders will be removed and will be replaced by final cylinders.

The main point of having a master key system is to prevent people from accessing restricted areas of your commercial property. With a master key system, the owner can limit key access to the people around the facility. For more information about master key systems, just visit us at Altona Locksmiths.

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