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Maison Keyed System: Why is this Ideal for Apartments and Condominiums?July 14, 2020

Apartments and condominiums are constructed to provide multiple families a place to live in. These buildings have multiple units on each level, making every family reside near one another. And while unit owners have the liberty to configure and customise their respective rooms, it is still important for the building owners to utilise a Maison keyed system.

A Maison keyed system is a type of master key door lock system that allows a lock to be accessed by numerous individual keys. This keying system is different from a master key system since its lock can be operated by every key within the door lock system. A master keyed system, on the other hand, only allows an individual lock to be operated by an individual operating key and one common master key.

Buildings like apartments and condominiums utilise Maison keyed system because of its following benefits and advantages:

Enhanced Convenience

This type of master key door lock system allows unit owners of apartments and condominiums to conveniently access their own apartment doors as well as the communal doors of the building. With a Maison keyed system, an individual owner is only authorised to open their apartment door. But when it comes to the common areas of the building, unit owners do not have to acquire a separate key for them to enter. Through their apartment door key, unit owners can easily open communal doors, which makes it convenient for them without compromising security.

Unparalleled Consistency

While numerous key door lock systems offer different security features and modern enhancements, the Maison keyed system is still the greater choice for apartments and condominiums due to its simplicity and reliability. Other door lock systems seem to fail from time to time, which makes them hard to recommend, difficult to maintain, and expensive to repair. A Maison keyed system, on the other hand, performs optimally and consistently even with a long time of use. It does not get damaged or breakdown easily. This key system is also capable of retaining its appearance and basic functionalities in the long run.

Cost-Effective and Cheap

When it comes to overall value, a Maison keyed system is deemed as the best for apartments, condominiums, and other similar types of residential properties. Compared to other door lock systems, the Maison keyed system costs cheaper since it does not rely on high-tech or smart solutions. It does not have to be run by electricity or any other power source. Keycode locks, pins, or cards are not even required. The only way to access the locks on this system is through an individual multipurpose key, which is also cheap to attain and duplicate for other family members of a residential unit. 

A Maison keyed system grants unit owners unlimited access to communal doors that are typically found on the main entrance, laundry room, gym, and any other common areas. This system, however, would only allow unit owners to access their apartment doors, maintaining safety and security. If you want to have your own Maison keyed system on your building, then feel free to contact us at Altona Locksmiths Melbourne.

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