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Locksmith Services: What is Car Key Programming?March 8, 2016

In the old days, starting a vehicle's engine was easy, all that was needed was for you to simply place the key into the ignition, turn it, and then the starter would immediately jump-start your vehicle to life. Those were the simple days, when cars were very simple, not so today.

Nowadays, everybody has a car, and it’s no wonder why – motor vehicles offer the best means of transportation. However, because of the ever-present need for cars and their constantly soaring prices, some 'desperate' people have gone to lengths to make a profit by stealing them, which has spurred the need for additional and innovative means to prevent car theft.

One of these innovations involves the incorporation of a specialised microchip made of carbon-fibre. Implemented sometime in 1996, and now popular with most car manufacturers, it is an electronic fail-safe that ensures vehicles will not start, if the microchip is not detected. This is true, even if the key or similarly object is in the ignition.

While this fail-safe is very effective, it isn’t foolproof or perfect, especially if keys get lost. In most cases, the problem with lost keys and locked cars can be solved by simply contacting the services of a locksmith. However, because of modern security innovations, even if you do manage to open your vehicle with the help of a locksmith, your car may not be able to start-up for lack of the programmable car key microchip.

In such cases, typical locksmith services will not suffice, you will need a locksmith that offers car key programming.

Locksmith Services and Car Key Programming

Car key programming is the reprogramming of a preset blank chip in a new car key, so that it will suit the current settings of your vehicle. Ordering a replacement key from your car company may be a viable option, however, that could take a while. If you need instant results, programming your car's key by professional car locksmiths is the better way.

Locksmithing and re-programming services offered by Altona Locksmiths not only guarantees that each reprogramming is perfectly suited to your car’s make and model, but that it complies with all of its preset specifications set by the manufacturer. With access to official car manufacturer's and dealership pin codes, and trained in the latest locksmithing techniques, Altona Locksmiths is your one-stop-shop for all your automotive, commercial and residential needs.

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