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Lock Change: When Should This Become A Practical Decision?October 22, 2020

Most door locks work effectively if they are brand new or have been maintained optimally. However, some instances or situations would normally require the need to suddenly change the door locks and keys for the safety purposes of a property. Various elements would likewise come to play, which would eventually force property owners to change their locks as it is the most practical thing to do.

Some of the most common situations that call for a lock change are the following:

After a Break-In or Burglary Incident

One common situation that calls for a lock change is after a break-in incident. The fact that the door has been unlocked by burglars is clear proof that the locks are not safe and can be easily accessed by anyone. There are instances of a break-in, however, that force some burglars to just destroy the locks entirely, especially if they cannot unlock them. Whatever the situation is, the need to change the locks and keys is a must to ensure that break-in incidents will not easily happen again anytime soon.

Evicting Tenants or Someone Moves Out

For residential buildings, changing locks whenever someone moves out is a must to ensure the safety of the property and its remaining tenants. Owners of residential buildings must ensure that their living space is kept safe and peaceful. Changing locks also make sure that the succeeding unit owners do not have to worry about their own security. Homeowners likewise can change their locks and keys whenever someone moves out or is evicted, especially if they are not on good terms with that specific person.

Moving into a New Home or Office

Lock changes must also be practiced if one moves into another property. Whether moving into a new home, office, or any other properties, all existing locks and keys of these properties must be changed to avoid the risk of burglary. Additionally, changing of locks ensures that past property owners or tenants will not have any easy access to these properties. Even newly constructed properties must be installed and equipped with new locks for the safety of their respective owners and occupants.

After Losing the Important Keys

Another vital situation that calls for a lock change is when one loses their important keys. Losing a key is like taking a significant part of the property’s security. Even if it is just one key, allowing some strangers to get hold of and acquire this lost key can already be worrisome for the whole property. Once a specific key is lost, one of the first things that a property owner should do is to change all the locks of the property. Doing this will ensure that no one can gain access to important parts of a property.

Old or Damaged Keys and Locks

Aside from these situations, keys and locks that have not been replaced for a long time also call for a complete overhaul. Just like other property features and devices, keys and locks that have not been replaced for a long time tend to get damaged by wear and tear. And if some burglars attempt to break in, they will certainly find it easy to access or break them. Replacing old or damaged keys and locks with new ones can significantly restore and even enhance the overall safety of a property.

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