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How to Keep Your Business Secure Even During ShutdownJune 11, 2020

Several business owners opt to temporarily shut down their businesses as the pandemic continues to affect certain sectors of the economy. They most likely decide to do this just to make sure that their whole staff, as well as their customers, will be safe and free from the virus.

While an establishment or a building might be empty for a few weeks or even months during this unexpected shutdown, it does not necessarily mean that it will be safe from any intruders and burglars. As a matter of fact, business owners must still be cautious and must proceed on tightly securing their place during these times.

Aside from your existing security systems, you may want to follow these tips on securing and protecting your business even during the shutdown.

Assess Your Existing Security Solutions

The very first thing that you must do in your facility is to evaluate your existing security solutions, particularly the condition of your locks. This assessment will determine the types of security solutions that are currently present around the building. Additionally, it will help you identify the reliability and service life of your existing security systems so that you can immediately replace faulty locks and other security systems. Ultimately, this assessment will help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security solutions.

Install Complex Master Keying System

Some business owners still use different keys for different locks. The level of security for this practice is phenomenal. However, it is time-consuming and is not very efficient. Fortunately, the availability of a complex master keying system allows you to have great key control throughout your entire building. With just a single master key, you can easily access all types of locks like door locks, padlocks, cupboard locks, and even cabinet and drawer locks. This type of key system will allow you to not only obtain access to every building lock but also keep your building safe from intruders.

Secure Equipment, Stock, and ValuablesĀ 

Before leaving your building, you must make sure that all the equipment and stock are secured in a locked spot or room. You can also invest and install high-security locks for some rooms so that they can also be used as a storage area for important things like the cash register, laptops, or any expensive devices. And when you move these valuables from one spot to another, ensure that they are far from windows and doors to prevent burglars from robbing them easily while you are all away.

COVID-19 has certainly affected numerous aspects of our lives. Most business owners did not even anticipate the entry of this virus as the main culprit behind the temporarily shutting down of daily operations. However, one thing that you can still control is the security of your premises even during the shutdown. If you want help with the installation of high-quality locks or master keying systems, then give us a call now at Altona Locksmiths.

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