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How to Guard Your Garage and Home from IntrudersMarch 11, 2020

Aside from your cars, your garage can be filled with tools, household equipment, and other things that are valuable and useful for your family. A garage is a place where we usually store some things that cannot be placed in our storage room anymore. Without any protection and security, this specific place can be prone to various break-ins.

Going extra steps to further enhance the security of our garage and home from intruders is the best thing we can do for our family. Intruders usually target home garages since some homeowners don’t add security enhancements to these places. So, for better protection and security, you may want to follow these tips to guard your garage and home from intruders.

Install Latest Locks

One of the most recommended options in enhancing home and garage security is to add and install locks. Your locks serve as the first line of defense that can effectively protect the doors of your whole property. While traditional locks can easily be kicked and destroyed by burglars, the locks manufactured today are much more durable and won’t be easily unlocked by intruders. 

Diversify Lock Options

Even if a specific lock has great components, installing one type of lock all over your garage and home is not enough to enhance security and protection. In fact, one best way to enhance your home security is by installing different lock options. You can install high-security door locks in your garage’s entrances. Padlocks, on the other hand, can be placed across the opening of your exterior doors. You can also install anchors and bolts to prevent intruders from accessing your doors. 

Add Window Tint or Cover

To prevent intruders from knowing what’s inside your home, you may want to add window tint or cover for your protection. Most of the time, intruders would only break-in if they already have an idea about the valuables found inside a home. Clear windows usually give intruders an idea about a home’s composition and layout. By adding tint or some protective cover on your windows, burglars will be clueless about what’s inside your home.

Guarding your garage and home from intruders can be done with these tips. Your investment in buying and installing quality locks that can certainly help you and your family feel safe in your home. If you want to look for effective locks for your garage and home, you may browse some of our products here at Altona Locksmiths.

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