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How Do Microchips in Transponder Automotive Keys Work?June 8, 2018

Taking care of your car or truck is going to be a lifelong endeavour that requires you to focus on not only maintenance but security as well. In order to keep your car safe and secure, you are going to have to embrace new technology that prevents it from being stolen. While most people are familiar with transponder keys, some individuals still do not know how effective they can be. Today, we are going to teach you how microchips within transponder automotive keys actually work. After we discuss the core mechanics of the microchip system, we are going to talk briefly about the benefits of having a transponder key for your car.

Transponder Automotive Keys: How Do They Work

Alright, we are going to briefly get technical here in order to properly explain how transponder automotive keys work. When you buy a transponder automotive key, you are really buying a device that will help to dramatically reduce the likelihood of your car ever being stolen. How does this work? By way of an anti-theft microchip. What is an anti-theft microchip?

  1. Anti-Theft Microchip - An anti-theft microchip is an integral part of your automobile's security system. This microchip is located within the head of your car key. The key looks for a signal from a separate transponder, located around your ignition cylinder. When the signal is received by your key, from the ignition cylinder's transponder, your car will start.
  2. Password Transponder - The other type of anti-theft microchip system involves a rolling encrypted code. Your car will transmit a six digit number and your transponder will have to reply with a special, and unique, response. This elaborate system allows your car to be safe and secure from even the most hardened of thieves.

As you can see, microchip transponders are incredibly effective at controlling who can and cannot use your car. Various studies have shown that these transponder automotive keys are incredibly effective at limiting theft. If your goal is to lower your auto insurance while improving your peace of mind, you really can't go wrong with adding a transponder key to your security set up. Transponder keys are easy to install and effective for a long time.

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