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Home Burglary Facts and Why Every Melbourne Homeowner Should Hire the Right LocksmithsApril 8, 2020

As a homeowner, you must always prioritise the safety and security of your home. Your home may be equipped with a CCTV system that can help you monitor some crucial areas of your property. You can also install some alarms for your family members to be notified whenever an emergency arises. Aside from these systems and alarms, one critical part of home safety and security that you must always consider is the locks of your doors.

Home Burglary in Australia

The main point of installing locks and other security systems is for you and your entire family to be safe from any attempts of burglary and other related cases. After all, everybody wants to keep the lives of every household member away from danger and other threats. All homeowners also want to secure their hard-earned money, belongings, and other similar things.

For some additional perspective, there are some unbelievable facts about burglary incidents that you might not know here in Australia. First, for every three minutes here in Australia, a home burglary takes place. Given this data, it can be concluded that an average of twenty households are facing threats against burglars every hour. And of all the reported break-ins for the past couple of years, almost 75% of them had property stolen and 49% of them had reported property damage.

With a couple more investigations, it is believed that burglars often pick and choose houses that either appears to be vacant or possess an overflowing mailbox. Another fact about these burglars is that most of them would only take less than five minutes to completely enter a property, which is an alarming amount of time before having your property stolen or damaged. Aside from cash, burglars would also choose possessions that can be easily sold to the market. These possessions include laptops, jewellery, cameras, and phones.

Hire the Right Locksmiths

With these facts, it would be appropriate for you to hire the best professional locksmith in your area. Most burglars enter through the doorway by picking the lock, so you must ensure that your locks are installed by professionals. With locksmiths, you are guaranteed of obtaining the best and most appropriate locks for your doors to avoid any potential break-ins.

Professional locksmiths are also recommended since they are equipped with the knowledge and key experiences. They are fully certified to install high-quality locks on any type of doors. Moreover, great locksmiths will not jeopardise your safety just because they have the duplicate keys of your doors. They know how important your safety is, so any worries about planned break-ins from them would be out of the equation.

Hiring the right locksmith can also give you 24/7 services. Whenever you need to unlock a stuck door, you can easily call them in to fix your locks. If you also need repairs and maintenance, they can also pay you a visit whenever you want. And in case the lock replacement and repair process lead to a broken door, locks, and other materials, the right locksmith company will fully shoulder the expenses for the replacement of broken elements. Locksmith professionals are bonded and insured, so you do not have to worry about any damages that may occur while they are working on your locks.

To be safe in Melbourne, you must hire the best locksmith company out there. Fortunately, we at Altona Locksmiths can offer you high-quality locksmith services that you may need for your home. We can address your needs and find solutions to ensure your home is protected from burglars and intruders. Just call us so that we can assess your home security needs.

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