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Grand Master Key for Hotels: What are the Benefits?February 15, 2015

When you work in the hospitality field, there is nothing more important than maintaining the security of your building. Not only do you need to protect your building from potential intruders, but you also need to ensure that all of your guests are secure in their own rooms. There are many different locking systems available out there for buildings of all shapes and sizes. Hotels, however, have pretty specific needs. As a hotel, you'll have to give keys to your guests so that they can get into your rooms. You'll also need to get into each individual room in case of an emergency. What kind of locking system would work best in this scenario?

Benefits of Grand Master Key Systems

Today, we are going to be discussing a Grand Master Keyed System. While this sounds like an over-the-top name for a locking system, it is actually fairly simple. A Grand Master Keyed System is a specialised system of keys that all funnel up to the Grand Master key. To explain it simply, a Grand Master key can open every lock in the system. Below the Grand Master key is a Master Key which can open specific groups of locks. Below the Master Key is the key that will only work on one specific door. Understand? Now, why is this system so beneficial for a hotel?

1) Control Room Access - First and foremost, a Grand Master Keyed System provides you with absolute control over all of the rooms in the building. You'll be able to access any individual room, no matter which room you are looking at. Additionally, you can hand out a specific set of keys for maintenance or security workers.

2) Separate Access for Employees - What if you want your employee to be able to effectively manage an entire floor of rooms, but you don't want them to have access to other rooms? Instead of installing a separate locking system, you'd merely hand them the Master Key for their specific rooms. In this way, you can still retain control of the rooms that you'd rather they not have access to.

3) Security for Guests - Not only is the Grand Master Keyed System effective for you and your employees, but it is also appropriate for your guests as well. This system allows your guest to retain access to their room without ceding control to anyone except for a direct manager or you, yourself.

As you can see, a Grand Mastered Key System can be the perfect choice for your hotel. If you are ready to make the security upgrade, call on Altona Locksmiths today!

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