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Functions of High Security Restricted Cylinders and KeysJune 29, 2016

When we install high security restricted cylinders and keys, we're creating an end-to-end safety measure, one that can't be circumvented by a wily intruder. The mechanism is as sturdy and quality-assured as any contemporary locking mechanism, but the installation process goes the extra mile by delivering a template that can't be copied by the general public. Here's a quick rundown of the important points that our audience needs to know about this enhanced security solution.

Battling Bypass Tactics

The best locks are built from the best materials and highest engineering standards, techniques that defy intruder penetration. Unfortunately, every major high street shop offers a key copying service these days, so how can we really guarantee a secure barrier when someone can bypass an expensive lock by cloning a key in a minute or less? That's a worrying conundrum, but, thanks to locksmith indomitability, high security restricted cylinders and keys come to the rescue. The maximum security ethic uses stronger metals and better mechanical safeguards, obviously, but the methodology also smartly accounts for underhanded copying tactics by using proprietary blanks and keyways that can only be utilized by a professional locksmith.

End-toEnd Security Measures Prevail

The technology is in place and a non-copy format is at work. The high security restricted cylinders and locks use beautifully designed pick-resistant parts, pins, key edges, and seam-free cylinders that rely on intricately cut angular edges. These unique profiles only mate when the right key meshes with the right lock, so, at least from a mechanical standpoint, these mating components are next to impossible to duplicate. Finally, on top of that singular blank mechanical form, the dedicated locksmith employs an enhanced management strategy. User IDs are needed to access original ordering records, which typically mandates a special registration process and an authorization card. In short, physical security is equally matched by a potent business-oriented security strategy, one that uses sales records and identification cards to stringently ensure the registered keyholder is the only person that can access and utilize the secured lock.

Functional restrictive systems are mechanical warriors. Alloy-reinforced armouring and eccentrically cut edges frustrate all tampering efforts, but this is only half the battle, especially since lock cutting solutions have advanced to the point that anyone can purchase a high-quality key in mere minutes. Thankfully, the other half of the restrictive cylinder solution is confidently bestowed by restricted keyways, templates and blanks that can't be copied by a store or vending machine.

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