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Ensuring Property Safety with Temporary Construction KeyingApril 13, 2021

Construction works like renovation and repairs are often carried out by construction companies in a few days or weeks. Even the addition of structures is expected to last for weeks. Given the average duration of these works, property owners are encouraged to still secure their respective properties.

Reputable construction companies are known to carry out activities without compromising the safety, security, and privacy of their clients. But as a precautionary measure, property owners must not keep their guards down and find ways to ensure the security of their properties. One way to ensure the safety of their properties is to go for temporary construction keying services.

Locksmiths that have adequate experience in the field can perform such services to ensure a property will be safe from any harm or danger. 

Temporary Construction Keying Importance

If you are hiring a construction firm to work on specific projects in your home, then you must ensure that your property will be safe and secure. Safety and security during the construction works are crucial so that your property will be safe from harm and dangers, especially when it comes to intruders. Unnecessary entry to certain areas of your property may likewise be done by some construction personnel, which can already be considered as a huge security threat for you and your family.

With temporary construction keying, your home can easily obtain benefits that allow it to be truly safe and secure. This type of keying can provide your home with a cost-effective solution in granting temporary access to construction personnel. The switching and handover processes are also simplified with temporary construction keying, allowing you and your family to obtain permanent keying in just a short time. And thanks to reputable locksmiths, temporary construction keying likewise allows your home to obtain heightened security and privacy throughout the construction work or project. 

Methods of Temporary Construction Keying

Several methods are available in terms of carrying out temporary construction keying.

The first method is through keying alike the locks for builders, contractors, and owners and subsequently replacing the construction cylinders once the construction is completed. This method entails the keying alike of the locks so that anyone can access them during the construction works. But once the works are finished, the construction cylinders are replaced with the final cylinders to change the locks into the preferred keying system of the owners. This method can simplify the handover process, cost less, and provide additional security throughout the construction and post-construction handover phases.

The second method entails the pinning up of locks so that builders and contractors can obtain a construction or builder key, while the owner can obtain a void key. The construction or builder key can be used as temporary access for workers to enter the property during construction. But once the owner inserts the void key, all workers will now be locked out, which simply means that the project has ended.

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