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Ensuring Home Security During the Holiday SeasonNovember 22, 2022

When you own a vacation home and rent it out to guests, safety will always be one of your top priorities. You are handing out keys to strangers, and there is little to prevent them from making copies of the key and returning it whenever they choose. Any holiday homeowner would be wise to avoid this predicament at all costs. Anything might happen to them, from having their belongings stolen to having squatters move into their home to having a stranger change their house's locks. The question now is, what steps can you take to safeguard your vacation home?

Type Of Lock Should You Use

When looking for a lock for your vacation home, the first thing you should do is consider the safety requirements of your property. How frequently will the keys be passed from one person to the next? How many visitors do you typically have at your establishment at any time? Do you continue to host visitors at your vacation home during the colder months, or do you close it down for the season? How secure is the neighbourhood that your vacation house is located in?

Conduct a Risk Assessment

To assist you in determining the appropriate level of protection for the lock on your vacation home, you should do a risk assessment of the property.

Naturally, you're free to use a standard lock and key for the door of your vacation property. It does offer a great many advantages. You can choose to have a neighbour keep the key until the guests arrive, leave the key somewhere for the guests to find, or have a lockbox attached to your home so that you only need to give your guests a code so that they can get the key and let themselves in, or you can choose to meet and get to know your guests as you are providing them with the key.

Engrave Your Keys

If you engrave the key with the letters DNC, which stands for "Do Not Replicate," most locksmiths will not copy the key for you. However, no legal mandate prevents them from engaging in such conduct. A skilled performer might probably persuade a locksmith to reproduce it nonetheless. We recently purchased the home, or we had that engraved many years ago, but we need a duplicate of it now.

Your discerning locksmith will always ask for evidence that they have the right to reproduce a key if there is any question about whether or not they have that permission. There is, however, always the possibility that the key may end up in the possession of a locksmith who has already had a hard day and does not want to get into an argument.

Invest in a Key and Lock of Superior Quality

Companies like Altona Locksmiths produce high-security locks and keys for our customers. These products may be purchased separately. These locks are designed to resist being bumped, picked, and drilled. The fact that a locksmith will want authorisation or confirmation of ownership before replicating the keys is, maybe more critically, relevant to this scenario.

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