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Ensure the Safety of Your French Door by Hiring Professional LocksmithsJanuary 6, 2020

If you are fond of classic architectural details, then you may have installed things around your home that screams classy and historic. From decks to pillars, your home may be a place for your family, friends, and neighbours to hold their breaths and appreciate its grandness. What could go wrong if you install a beautiful enhancement to your home like French doors?

French doors can create a simple yet elegant feel of the European architecture. With small panes of glass covering the surface of the doors, your welcoming sight to your family and guests can be considered pleasant before they come into your lovely home. However, the style of French doors makes it difficult to secure. 

Problems in Using French Doors

The problem in using French doors has to do with their composition and how they are installed. Since these doors are opened in an outward motion, the hinges are then exposed on the outside, making them very accessible to the people outside. Moreover, this kind of door has small panes of glass that are only held by decorative pieces of moulding. Since these moulding is for decoration purposes only, the panes can be easily detached from the French doors.

Aside from small panes of glass, French doors also have large glass areas. The eye-pleasing looks of the French doors make the doors vulnerable since there is no place to put some highly-secured locks in. And if you have double French doors, then your security is more weakened. The only thing that locks your doors into place is the overlapping moulding right in between them. Once kicked, the doors can be opened easily, making your home vulnerable to theft and other crimes.

Ensuring Safety of French Doors

Getting to know the weaknesses of the French doors makes it the perfect opportunity to ensure security workarounds for the doors. There are numerous ways on how to make your French doors safe.

  • Install durable glass:Since French doors have glass components, you may want to resolve glass durability issues by installing impact-resistant glasses. Impact-resistant glasses help withstand pressure, force, and other extreme conditions. Having them in your panes can decrease the chance of any burglary incidents.
  • Use a complex lock system: Anordinary lock system for your French door is not enough to hold them most especially at night. A complex lock system can be a three-point locking system that includes metal rods and deadbolt. These metal rods extend from the door up into the top of the door frame and down into the floor, adding to the security given by the deadbolt.
  • Utilise mortise lock:Mortise locks are a type of deadbolt lock that is installed through a pocket in the edge of your French doors. This type of lock is protected by a metal housing that makes it difficult to be breached by random people.
  • Mount security hinges:Screw hinges, stud hinges, and hinges with non-removable pins can be useful when securing your French doors. These hinges are important since they can prevent anyone from accessing the door from the outside.
  • Set up a double-cylinder deadbolt:A double-cylinder deadbolt can be helpful for French doors since it requires key access on both sides of the door. In comparison, a standard deadbolt only requires one key on one side of the door. Just imagine how a burglar can easily access your French door with a standard deadbolt once they break the glass.

Securing your French doors is easy once you have all the accessories and tools needed. If you are looking for a company that can protect your French doors, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us now at Altona Locksmiths to know more about our lock systems.

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