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Domestic Lock Security: How to Ensure Safety and Security When Moving to a New HomeJune 29, 2020

When moving to a new home, most property owners would allocate most of their time in conceptualising the overall design and layout of rooms and spaces. They would pinpoint where to place key pieces of furniture, appliances, and other accessories. They would also determine the materials or paint colour that will be used or applied for some specific parts of the home.

While all these mentioned elements are pivotal to new homes, another thing that must always be considered when moving to a new home is the presence of security features. Every homeowner must allocate an adequate amount of time just to check and ensure the safety and security of their respective homes. After all, the entire household will surely benefit in securing one’s home from intruders and unwanted visitors.

To make your new home safe and secure, then here are some helpful tips that you can follow and consider.

Evaluate Your Door Locks

One of the most common entry paths for intruders and burglars is your front door. Alternatively, some of them would enter through other exterior doors that your new home possesses. Given this fact, you must thoroughly assess the current state of your doors, particularly the door locks. You do not want burglars to enter flawlessly just because of faulty door locks. If you found faulty components on your doors, replace them right away. Additionally, you may want to install a deadbolt and a strike plate.

Embrace a New Keying System

Regarding locks, you must rekey all your exterior and interior door locks. The purpose of rekeying is to replace lock pins with the new one. Even if your new home has a new set of door locks, there is a huge chance that the keys for these locks were duplicated by a real estate agent or any other related people. And if you are moving to a home that is occupied before, then expect the previous owner to still have access to your property. For your protection, just rekey all your door locks and take this opportunity to apply a complex master keying system that grants you sophisticated key control over your home locks.

Secure Cabinets and Drawers

Aside from doors and windows, you must also consider securing cabinets and drawers in your new home. Once burglars have entered your property, the very first thing that they will do is to search for cabinets and drawers. Most of these furniture items obtain personal belongings like cash, pieces of jewellery, wristwatches, and others that can be taken away by the intruders. To avoid losing your possessions, you must install high-quality and durable locks on your cabinets and drawers. A complex master keying system can also work with these furniture pieces. 

Moving to a new home that is equipped with these security features will no longer threaten the safety and security of your whole family. If you want the best door locks for your home, then feel free to call us at Altona Locksmiths Melbourne.

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